Monday, 2021-01-11

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duck62may i  ask why there is nojolla official file explorer app14:50
Teguduck62: there kinda is but it is somewhat "hidden". go to settings -> storage -> tap the circle for internal memory or memory card if you have one  (or whatever it is in english)15:32
duck62thanks will do now15:33
Teguand then use the pulley15:33
Teguso yea, it requires quite a few steps, so most often I just use the 3rd party file browser app or command line15:34
duck62i trust official apps more ( i know i'm not right:(  ) , also command line oh i'm missing a lot looks like i should explore more in the os15:35
Teguwell, the command line is available only on developer mode (except perhaps with some 3rd party app, not sure). Though I have the developer mode on all the time15:37
duck62thank you so much for the information15:43
duck62saifish keeps amazing me15:43
duck62if the UI was a little faster15:43
duck62not sure UI or xperia 10 plus is slow15:43
DennisRoczekbtw: is there already a sailfish port to the Volla Phone?15:53
DennisRoczekthey said they wanted to port it, but nothing new on the blog/homepage nor in the shop regarding sailfish15:53
electro575hi all20:13
riniguspiggz : awesome!21:25

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