Tuesday, 2021-01-12

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sauronHello. Is there a command to turn USB changing on?04:37
sauronFile /sys/class/power_supply/usb/health contains "Unspecified failure"04:59
dcalisteHello chriadam, happy new year.08:03
chriadamhello dcaliste, happy new year to you also!08:03
chriadamI hope that you had a nice christmas / new year break08:03
dcalisteYes, thank you, everything was fine. I wish the same apply to you and your family.08:04
chriadamyep, wasn't too bad08:05
chriadamjust wishing that covid would magically vanish haha08:05
chriadamI still haven't caught up on all of the latest PRs unfortunately08:06
chriadambut let's start with the jolla-calendar side08:07
chriadamflypig said that https://bitbucket.org/jolla/ui-jolla-calendar/pull-requests/266 should be good to merge/tag but it needs to be rebased first08:07
chriadamalso, he was wondering if https://bitbucket.org/jolla/ui-jolla-calendar/pull-requests/267 should be declined?08:07
dcalisteFor 267, yes, we can decline it, waiting for better solution.08:09
dcalisteI'm looking at rebasing 266.08:10
chriadamthanks also for reminding me of the semantics of the webcal notebooks in my "local event purge on delete" PR08:11
dcalisteOk, done. I've force pushed the rebased version of 266.08:12
dcalisteNo problem for webcal things. I was wondering where to put the purge for local events. Where you are proposing is a good idea.08:12
dcalisteI've also declined 267 writing the reason for it.08:14
dcalisteWhile we are at jolla-calendar, I've reworked 276 to follow the design proposed  by Martin.08:15
chriadamoh, let me check that one08:15
chriadamgreat, thanks - I have asked Pekka if he can show Martin the result on device08:17
chriadamI will test/review later this week also unless Pekka does that first.08:18
dcalisteGreat, thanks all of you.08:18
dcalisteAbout middleware, I've upstreamed the patch from blam for KCalendarCore in the case of deleting recurring events with exceptions.08:19
dcalisteI've spotted another delete issue there doing it. Here is the MR for SailfishOS : https://git.sailfishos.org/mer-core/kf5-calendarcore/merge_requests/208:20
dcalisteblam approved it recently.08:20
dcalisteAnd since it has been upstreamed already, it's just updating some Qt version patch and move on the submodule to latest.08:21
chriadamcool, looks like it needs a bug reference, let me find an appropriate one08:21
chriadamJB#52656 is probably fine08:24
dcalisteOk, I'm adding it.08:24
chriadamis that one ready for merge/tag now?08:25
dcalisteYes, I've added the bug tag in commit message also. I guess it's fine to go in.08:27
chriadamtyvm for handling the upstreaming08:27
chriadamgreatly appreciated.  I will do a final smoke test / build tomorrow, then merge and tag.08:28
dcalisteOk, nice thank you.08:29
dcalisteComing with new KCalendarCore, we need to adjust a bit mKCal to save some properties that have been added in-between, see https://git.sailfishos.org/mer-core/mkcal/merge_requests/5008:30
dcalisteThe URL case is straight forwrad in my opinion.08:30
dcalisteBecause saving the URI there was a mistake in my opinion, since it was not reread.08:31
dcalisteSaving something that was not read is useless, so we can easily save the URL instead now that incidences have API for it.08:31
dcaliste(URI was just a rewrite of the UID with a scheme).08:32
dcalisteThe second commit in this MR, saving event colour, is more debatable.08:32
dcalisteI chose the easy route using an existing extra field, instead of altering the table itself.08:32
dcalisteWhat do you think ?08:32
chriadamI personally am fine with making use of the existing field if it exists... pvuorela do you agree?08:33
chriadamregarding the other one ... can you explain a bit more what you mean when you say "it was not reread" ?08:33
chriadamfor the URI I mean08:33
chriadamdo you mean: that line which is commented out originally, 1356?08:34
dcalisteIf you look at the selectComponent(), yes the line was commented. And it was commented, because there is no API to set the URI, obviously.08:34
dcalisteBecause it is a read property, built around the UID itself.08:35
dcalisteI mean no API in KCalendarCore::Incidence.08:35
chriadamso this doesn't change the semantics of anything, except that it will now store (to that db field) whatever the client sets in setUrl() ?08:36
chriadambut it doesn't change the semantics of the existing uri() method, I mean08:37
dcalisteExact also.08:37
pvuorelayea, think the empty properties were supposed to be used for new additions.08:37
pvuorelathough suppose locally there's no much need for event colors.08:38
dcalistepvuorela, locally, no, but for synced event, like that the colour is not lost when sending back a modification to the server.08:38
dcalisteAt the moment, any modification to a synced event will reset its colour. If on another device you have the colour, that's not very nice !08:39
chriadamvery true.  also if we have the data, we might use it in future in our calendar app also, who knows.08:40
dcalistecolour per event was missing in KCalCore, but I added it some weeks ago upstream because libical read it since its version 3.08:41
dcalisteSaving it in mKCal would allow to at least keep it even if we don't use it at the moment in SailfishOS.08:42
dcalisteI'm not fan myself of having per event colour, but some users requested it.08:42
chriadamyep, definitely better to do that, than to clobber user data during round trip sync08:42
dcalisteI may find some old TJC thread on this.08:42
chriadamunrelated, but while I remember: where are we at with qt6 qmf upstream things?08:43
chriadamis there something you need me to do, on that side?08:43
dcalisteOh yes ;) I've divided the transition into logical commits but there are many and they need review...08:44
chriadamI will get started on that sometime this week, I hope08:47
dcalisteThat would be great, thanks.08:47
chriadammaybe flypig or pvuorela could help with that also?  flypig do you have an upstream Qt account for review etc?08:47
dcalisteSorry to be back with  mkcal, but there is this somehow old MR : https://git.sailfishos.org/mer-core/mkcal/merge_requests/48, where flypig commented about a possible bug with recreated events. I tried to address this issue in https://git.sailfishos.org/mer-core/mkcal/merge_requests/5108:50
dcalisteI've rebased the latter on latest master.08:50
flypigchriadam: sorry, catching up on the conversation. Yes, I have a Qt account and am happy to help if I can. I'll need to catch up.08:51
dcalisteAbout the former, I'm discussing the issue in detail in the MR overview, with possible solutions and their drawbacks.08:51
dcalisteHello flypig, happy new year and thank you for the help.08:51
dcalisteIn the Qt6 transition for QMF, most of the changes are staright forward,  but I made the mistake to take the occasion to move from QregExp to QRegularExpression instead of using the compat package for it also.08:52
flypigHappy new year to you too :) Thank you for all your effort and contributions.08:52
dcalisteSo there are some extensive changes regarding the regexp and even if I tried to be very cautious I may have introduced bugs there :(08:53
chriadamif the unit tests pass everything must be fine :-P08:54
chriadamregarding those mkcal PRs: I'm a bit nervous about changing the semantics of fetch deleted incidences method, as that could affect sync potentially08:54
chriadambut I haven't checked the PR in detail, yet, unfortunately08:55
chriadamthe solution in MR#51 seems sensible to me08:55
dcalisteMR #48 won't change existing behaviour. It just give the additional possibility to get all deleted events, not just those deleted after a date AND created before this date.08:59
chriadamah, great.09:00
dcalisteAbout MR #51, it's independant and try to fix an already existing issue, just that this issue was raised by flypig during the discussion of MR #4809:00
dcalisteWe can discuss these in lengther details next week.09:01
chriadamsounds good to me, thanks.09:01
dcalisteIf you still have time, there is a last point I would like to address in jolla-settings.09:01
chriadamwere there any other open MRs which need my attention?09:01
dcalisteIts related to https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/kolab-now-and-sfos-3-4/410609:01
dcalisteand https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/unable-to-sync-fastmail-calendars-after-3-4-0-24-upgrade09:02
dcalisteSince 3.4.0 changes in account creation, I think the login / password are checked on the root of the server before going further and retrieving calendar list...09:03
dcalisteOn some servers, the authentication on root is forbidden.09:03
dcalisteSo account creation is failing.09:03
dcalisteRestoration from storage is failing also for the same reason I guess.09:04
chriadamso we need to fallback to trying on ... either caldav calendars path, or carddav addressbooks path, or webdav home set path?09:05
dcalisteYes, that was my first guess, but there is an issue doing so : the caldav path may be guessed.09:06
dcalisteSo not available at that point.09:06
chriadamwhat do you mean by "guessed"?  do you mean, looked up via the .well-known endpoint, or something else?09:06
dcalisteSee the kolab issue, there is no webdav path, and caldav and carddav paths are different.09:07
dcalisteYes, looked up via .well-known.09:07
dcaliste(well in the kolab report the .well-known seems to fail but that's another story, more related to server side I think).09:08
dcalisteSo the situation is :09:09
dcaliste- server root / webdavpath may be forbidden and refused for authentication.09:09
dcaliste- server root/ webdav path/.well-known may be the solution to try to authenticate09:10
dcaliste- using the caldav path or the carddav one may not be possible, because not provided by the user at that point.09:10
chriadamthanks.  I've created JB#52704 for this, and will poke Bea to investigate further09:11
dcalisteThank you, the solution is not easy in my opinion and relies a lot on server implementation, difficult to find a universal solution. But thanks. I'll keep an eye on the repo and will comment if I can give constructive opinion.09:12
chriadamyeah, trying to support all different possible servers is ... hard ;-)  but we'll do the best we can.  thanks very much for bringing it to my attention09:13
dcalisteNo problem, the workaround to create separated accounts puting the *DAV path in the webDAV path to cheat the code highlight the issue but is a bit ugly...09:14
chriadamyeah definitely shouldn't be required.09:14
chriadamwas there anything else for us to discuss today?  or, anything I missed in this quick summary:09:15
chriadam1) flypig to merge/tag jolla-calendar PR#26609:15
chriadam2) pvuorela to show mschuele jolla-calendar PR#276, and pvuorela and chriadam to review09:15
chriadam3) kf5-calendarcore MR#2 to be merged/tagged tomorrow after I do a quick smoke test build09:16
chriadam4) 3 outstanding mkcal MRs: MR#50, MR#48, MR#51 -> all ready for review.  MR#50 LGTM, but would like flypig to check also.  latter two might need more discussion next week.09:16
chriadam5) qmf upstream PRs need review - chriadam to begin that review this week if possible09:17
chriadam6) caldav/carddav account creation bug, JB#52704 blam to investigate09:17
dcalisteThat's it ! Thanks a lot.09:18
chriadamthank you very much09:19
chriadamhave a great week!09:19
* chriadam -> home, gnight09:19
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piggzrinigus: im now packaged for plasma-mobile! https://gitlab.manjaro.org/manjaro-arm/packages/community/plasma-mobile/amazfish/-/tree/master10:57
riniguspiggz: way to go!12:33
piggzrinigus: waiting on puremaps to be packaged to satisfy the mapbox requirements12:35
riniguspiggz: in manjaro? let's see if they will do it. it is packaged in pmOS and available as flatpak. but the latter doesn't help you in manjaro... as for mapbox requirement, having 2 apps using it already makes better case for them to work on it12:40
piggzrinigus: yup, he already told me it will get packaged with puremaps .... atleast it was relatively easy to package, no issues with services like i will get with click/flatpak12:41
riniguspiggz : so do they plan to package pure maps as well?17:03
piggzrinigus: i think so yes17:03
piggzill be forcing it by requiring it for the pinetime navigation17:04
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riniguspiggz :)17:36
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Joel37question has been probably asked a million time but what phones sailfish works on any newer xperia18:51
vilpanJoel37: 10, 10 Plus, XA2 and X according to https://jolla.com/sailfishx/20:13
Joel37how can i get my providor (AT&T) to connect to my device?20:49
piggzrinigus: https://video.codingfield.com/videos/watch/30731b21-ca25-4f67-9680-098104fd731420:52
riniguspiggz: should be nice for cycling :)20:55

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