Thursday, 2021-01-14

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dcalisteHello flypig, I wish a happy new year, I think I didn't yet ;) Hopefully this KDateTime -> QDateTime move is not giving you headashes :/ Don't hesitate to ask if you want a little chat on the matter. Not sure I can necessarily help, but in case.09:32
flypigThanks dcaliste, I appreciate the offer. I think the comments you already made on the PRs are clear, and helpful. Thank you for those.10:44
dcalisteIf you want to discuss some precise points, don't hesitate to ask.10:45
flypigThank you, I will!11:09
fridlIs something different, when launching a app from the Terminal then from the Icon? Is probably the PyOtherSide python code running with different rights? Or from a different default path?11:36
Nico[m]There definitely is something different11:37
Nico[m]It starts my app in a different language for example11:37
Nico[m]So probably different environment variables?11:38
fridlOk, interesting!11:39
flypigIt can be worth checking the .desktop file to see how it's actually being executed.11:56
flypigFor example `cat /usr/share/applications/jolla-email.desktop`11:56
flypigshows the email app being executed like this: `/usr/bin/sailjail -p jolla-email.desktop /usr/bin/jolla-email`11:57
flypigOr similar11:57
flypigSorry, that's rubbish; that's me playing around with files. Should be:11:58
flypig`invoker --type=browser -G -s /usr/bin/jolla-email` or similar11:58
fridlok, ill have a look12:15
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MMartyIs the Sony Xperia 10 II the next target device?16:00
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mpolMMarty: most probably, but we will only know for sure when it really is released17:48
MMartyThanks mpol17:48
mpolyou're welcome17:50
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svipIs there an app to block numbers from specific country codes?20:48
svipI don't need calls from Albania and Kosovo.20:48
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