Friday, 2021-01-15

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fridlIs it easily possible with Silica to change the BG of the Page-Header to different colors maintaining the transparency? (Like Red or Orange under certain conditions?)09:56
bionade24fridl: Yes10:23
fridlbionade24: Do you know which property to set (in QML?)10:57
bionade24fridl: Seems like I was wrong:
fridlbionade24: Yeah, thats where I looked first ;-) Thanks, nevertheless!11:31
fridlI thought, someone found a diferent way ;-)11:31
Nico[m]You could try overlaying a half transparent rectangle11:32
fridlNico[m]: hmmm... i could try.11:35
fridlProbably I once again oversee a basic solution and make up my mind for Nothing: Is there a easy way to check if the device has any internet connection?19:47
fridl(harbour compatible and QML only)19:47
fridlI download something on the python side in a BG thread, and if I start that without internet connection urlopen will hang on the name resolution fore quite some time.19:48
fridland name resolution in pythons is not sensitive to the timeout parameter.19:49
fridlSo I should avoid that generally when no Internet connection is available.19:49
Nico[m]You can try a context property19:49
Nico[m]Should be harbour compatible and tell you the network state19:50
fridlAh... Thank you. Ill check the links. Looks promising!19:52
fridlNico[m]: Is that available as Build Dependency to enter under 'PkgConfigBR' or 'Requires' in the rpm yaml?20:01
fridlor do I get wrong how to use it?20:01
Nico[m]I think it is available somehow, but I forget how :D20:02
fridlYeah, it seems right. Must be placed under 'Required'. How could I have figured out the name on my own?20:07
Nico[m]You could have looked in the rpm file in the rpm directory20:08
Nico[m]It say Provides20:08
malI think for qml side it would be Requires:   nemo-qml-plugin-contextkit-qt520:08
Nico[m]I think this belongs below rtequires20:08
malthat contextkit-declarative-qt5 is the old name which that nemo-qml-plugin-contextkit-qt5 replaces20:09
fridlIn the .spec file its written:20:11
fridlName: nemo-qml-plugin-contextkit-qt520:11
fridlProvides: contextkit-declarative-qt520:11
Nico[m]Ah, I see20:11
malyes, both of those names work but as you can see in history the Provides was added to not break code which used the old name
fridlokay, cool. Thank you. So the Name is the correct parameter. Good to know, how to figure it out. Thanks for the help both of you!20:13
malname is the default one used and Provides can be used to provide additional names20:14
fridlDo I need to expect more states for Internet.NetworkState then '' and 'connected'?20:30
Nico[m]I think connected is the only one you need20:34

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