Saturday, 2021-01-16

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fridlIs the StandardPaths.cache sometimes 'cleared' by the System on Sailfish, and if yes under which conditions?09:13
fridl(I want to know to know if I should go there or for some stuff)09:14
bolobolowhere would be the best place to get sailfish updates news12:29
grandba_sharkwhen is version 4 i thought it was going to  be end 2020  i can't wait to know what's new and improved16:41
Nico[m]It will come out when it is ready16:42
Nico[m]There are no absolut timelines with releases, as that tends to lower their quality16:42
grandba_sharkany hints on whats cooking16:43
Nico[m]No :D16:44
grandba_sharki just hope i can use it on flagship phone16:51
grandba_sharkso it can run faster16:51
Nico[m]The speed of the hardware is not an issue. The animations are just purposely slow16:52
grandba_sharki hope then they give me the option to speed it up16:52
Nico[m]Asking the same question every other day won't change anything16:53
Nico[m]<grandba_shark "i hope then they give me the opt"> I think you need to file a FeatureRequest on the forums for that16:53
grandba_sharkok let me do that thanks for the advice16:54
fridlNico[m]: I don't know if you can help once again, but with using 'nemo-qml-plugin-contextkit-qt5' the RPM Validator warns: RPM Validation: Requires: [nemo-...-qt5] Dependency not allowed21:36
fridlI tried to copy the line from
fridlin the spec file. But it still pops up. Do I need care about that to be able to have it in harbour?21:37
fridlShould I modify the line that I copy to the spec file? (I don't really get what it does...)21:38
malfridl: try Requires: qml(org.freedesktop.contextkit)21:47
fridlmal: Perfect :-)21:50
fridlThank you!21:50
malI had the same issue in one project and now I know how to fix it :)21:51
fridlI cant login to the GitLab, but probably it would be a good Idea to write that into the readme of
malyes, I think so, I look into that next week21:53
fridlThanks for the help anyway :-)21:54
malfridl: what app are you making?21:57
fridlor here21:58
fridlThe latest RPM is here: (not yet in openRepos or store)21:59
fridlits improving with me learning a lot new stuff ;-)22:02
fridlbut QML and Silica is quit fun.22:02
malI installed the app for testing and looks good and works nicely22:08
fridlgood to hear :-) I needed the org.freedesktop.contextkit to prevent starting the python download of the content if there is no Internet. So If you switch it off it should not try to downlad.22:09
malfridl: a tiny issue, when started from commandline there is this output, maybe some conditions are need to not try invalid paths22:10
mal[W] unknown:78 - file:///usr/share/harbour-avarisk/qml/cover/CoverPage.qml:78:13: QML Image: Cannot open: qrc:///res/warning-pictos/levels__.png22:10
fridlAnd if a report was open it caches it, so you can open it offline as well.22:10
mal[W] unknown:69 - file:///usr/share/harbour-avarisk/qml/cover/CoverPage.qml:69:13: QML Image: Cannot open: qrc:///res/danger-levels/level_.png22:10
fridlYeah, I know them. This is as the level is not yet set, so no picture is loaded.22:11
fridlThere are also some more warnings sometimes. So you think it is no good style to just leave them, right? ;-)22:12
malalso when network is disabled I see some python errors in output, maybe those could be prevented some way22:12
malanyway very good app already22:13
fridlThank you :-)22:15
fridlmal: I just realized, that I still get the warning from the RPM Validation...22:25
fridlRPM Validation: Requires: [qml(org.freedesktop.contextkit)] Dependency not allowed22:27
fridlis it correct in the yaml file like that:22:28
fridl  - sailfishsilica-qt5 >= 0.10.922:28
fridl  - pyotherside-qml-plugin-python3-qt522:28
fridl  - qml(org.freedesktop.contextkit)22:28
fridlAnd do I need to do that?
fridlAhh, i will check delete the build dirs and restart QtCreator... There was somethin in the past...22:34
fridlnope, didn't do the trick.22:36
malfridl: looks like that might be a bug, the org.freedesktop.contextkit qml import is allowed but no way to require the needed package22:41
malI asked about that internally from sdk people22:41
fridlOk, thank you!22:42
malin the past that requirement was provided always on device but the package which pulled it in doesn't do it anymore so it doesn't get installed by default22:42
fridlI don't need to file a bug report somewhere then, right?22:43
malno need22:43
fridlAnd when the bug is resolved I don't need to add it to the yaml file at all?22:44
malI think it should be there, in my opinion either one or both of those possible dependencies should be allowed by validator22:48
fridlok, nice. I'll take a nap now. Once again thanks for the help. If theres somehow additional news on that: i'll read the logs if im not online anyway.22:50
Nico[m]<mal "fridl: try Requires: qml(org.fre"> Nifty!22:53

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