Thursday, 2021-01-21

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NoCodingKnowlagebig fan of sailfish os08:32
NoCodingKnowlageplease since i have zero knowalge i let my son do this tech for me08:32
NoCodingKnowlageplease consider bringing sailfish os to this phone08:32
NoCodingKnowlagemy x10 plus is almost dead and very diffcult where iam to find a replacment08:33
pahi, <- ideas?11:41
pa(still stuck there)11:41
Blumenkraftpa, I would try recovery mode.11:47
paBlumenkraft, thanks, any wiki page giving instructions? never done before11:48
Nico[m]<NoCodingKnowlage "please consider bringing sailfis"> It needs to be in the open devices program first11:49
paout of curiosity, are full installers available as well? or do i need to go through OTA every time?12:55
pawhat i mean is: can i flash with latest version directly after i recover?12:56
Nico[m]Depends on your device, but I think jolla1 does not have newer releases available, while the xperias, that you flash yourself, do12:56
payes jolla112:57
paso i have to flash the very first release, then apply like 30 OTA updates in a row? -.-12:57
Nico[m]Only the specific update checkpoints12:58
Nico[m]Which is like 10 then12:58
Nico[m]Because some release updates can be updated without intermediates12:58
Nico[m]While others can't12:58
pai see..12:58
Nico[m]See it as an experience of nostalgia ;p12:59
pathis isn't fun, my friend13:02
patry it for yourself, and see13:02
Nico[m]I did that like twice already, no thanks :D13:03
pait is also not fun that the frikkin OTA update fails13:03
Nico[m]These are the stop releases13:05
electro575What version of ubuntu do you use to compile ?15:21
electro575i have this version : TARBALL=ubuntu-trusty-20180613-android-rootfs.tar.bz215:21
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electro575but python 2 is not support when i do :15:21
electro575repo init -u git:// -b hybris-14.115:21
paNico[m], btw, what is my devicelock code supposed to be?16:24
pai don't have any screen lock code on the device..16:29
pawtf with no lock code set it should say so. So why mine requires a bloody devicelock code??16:39
pacould it be the update set a device lock?16:40
Nico[m]The pin you enter to unlock your phone16:40
Nico[m]I think there was a solution for that case, but I don't remember it16:46
paNico[m], do you know if, during the 24h of grace, the device is supposed to stop responding to telnet and ping?16:59
pacoz right now even in recovery, it does not let me telnet it16:59
pano, nvm, that works17:06
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paok so i can't get past the bloody devicelock..17:28
paevery time i have an issue with this is a tragedy. idk how it is possibly the damn thing is designed the way it is17:37
electro575i'm compiling sailfish OS for my samsung galaxy note II, i have an error on this command18:15
electro575rpm/dhd/helpers/ --droid-hal18:15
electro575RPM build errors: => Empty %files file /home/sailfish-dev/hadk/dtbo.files18:15
Nico[m]I think #sailfishos-porters will be more helpful there18:17
electro575ok, thanks18:17
paseems like there was a method to fix the lock problem that doesn't work in sailfish3 anymore18:27
pabtw, i read that some do reflash the device (as opposed to factory reset it). would that go around the lock issue?18:30
pathe thing is i remember updating bricked it already once, but i dont remember how i restored to factory back then..19:03
pamaybe i remembered the damn code19:03
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piggzrinigus: ping, a componenets question21:34
piggzi have a case where i either push a page or a dialog ... if the dialog gets pushed, when you accept it, it replaces on the pagestack with a new page21:35
piggzthis works fine on sailfish21:35
piggzbut, on kirigami, i loose the back navigation21:36
piggzany thoughts?21:36

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