Friday, 2021-01-22

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riniguspiggz: none so far. By loosing back navigation you mean that the whole stack gets replaced?04:59
paNico[m],     \o/05:57
pai have one more paperweight.. to prevent that "thieves" could "reset" the devices and use them instead of simply dispose them.. :facepalm:05:59
eaglemay i askĀ  please about how to know the future possible devices06:00
eaglei'm hoping MI 1106:01
eagleand this category06:01
payou feel brave, heh, mate?06:01
eagleyeah i think06:02
eaglebut to let you know i have zero programing knowledge06:02
eaglei'm here for the UI looks06:02
eaglewhich camera app do you recommend to use06:15
eaglei did a system factory rest and i'm super happy with the new black ground by defaultĀ  btw06:16
eaglesorry wrong channel06:17
piggzrinigus: im not sure, it certainy gets messed up08:16
riniguspiggz: try to enable full navigation in kirigami on a toolbar (if you disabled it) and check out which pages are there. it could be messed up as stack in pure maps has some additional handling. maybe the one from osm scout server would be more reasonable to use. I don't know what was merged into the components in terms of a stack handling11:47
piggzrinigus: the osm-scout-server StackPL for kirigam seems to work correctly11:59
riniguspiggz: good, then use that :)12:00
piggzrinigus: spoke too soon12:00
piggzrinigus: i had swapped the replce for a push12:01
piggzwith it as replace, it still seems to loose the earlier pages in the stack12:01
piggzit doesnt like the replace functioanlity is used much at all in your projects12:10
riniguspiggz: yeah, I don't think I replace much. for pure maps, once in the start but that's it. so, it would have to be implemented13:14
piggzrinigus: fixed .... and now I wonder how it works in sailfish :D14:18
riniguspiggz: could be that SFOS is rather thin stack implementation - mainly just a proxy to call underlying sfos stack methods14:19
piggzrinigus: so ... the page i was "replacing" on the  stack was a dialog.  I was doing this in the dialogs onAccepted .... i think, the onAccepted was popping the dialog, and i was then replacing the root itme (first page) on the stack, which was why i coulndt nav back14:21
piggzim now just connecting to the dialog onAccepted, and pushing the new page after it has popped itself14:21
rinigusI see :)14:21
piggzrinigus: and, as half expected, sfos version is now broken :D14:59
riniguspiggz: maybe you have to wait till all animations are finished?15:03
piggzrinigus: there, fixed for both15:29
piggzin kirigami DialogPL, there is an explicity pop, which makes it incompatible with replace .... removing that and going back to using replace works fine on both15:29
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