Saturday, 2021-01-23

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attahHmm.. seems my music on my sd card has turned -rwxr----- for system/system, so nemo can't access it. Any good way to get back to normal with mount settings? Or should i just chown/chmod them?10:24
Blumenkraftattah, My two cents: if remounting doesn't give proper permissions, chmoding or chowning should work.10:55
attahSince this used to work, i suspect mount settings have changed. A simple reboot did not help at least.10:56
attahAny idea where i should be looking? /etc/fstab has no entries for /media at all10:59
malattah: which device?11:08
attahXperia 10 currently11:08
mallatest release?11:08
attahwell, 3.4, not any CBETA...11:09
maldo you have android app support installed?11:09
attahyes, i do11:10
malprobably chmod should be done for those, I will check what could have caused that11:10
malor chown11:11
* attah points bazooka at foot11:18
attahfind . -user system | xargs chown nemo:media_rw11:18
attah(is that a good group?)11:19
attahso as usual, find -exec is the answer... but so far so good11:26
malcan't remember what group those usually has11:28
attahThe Android folder had those permissions, and backups are nemo:privileg11:30
attahgood enough for now at least11:30
AL13N_lappyso, i'm making a html5 page with some javascript and even though FF works, something is broken on sailfishos browser... is there a way to get the javascript console or something?12:39
AL13N_lappyor is there any thing that details what is missing in functionality on the browser12:40
malcould be some difference in the browser engine version, what kind of features are you using on the website12:44
maland which part of it is broken?12:44
malAL13N_lappy: maybe the EMBED_CONSOLE mentioned here helps
AL13N_lappywell, i'm trying to figure out what part is not done from javascript, but i'm not using much exotic stuff tbh12:55
AL13N_lappyi'll try that one env, see if i see something12:55
AL13N_lappymal: myeah, it didn't work :-(13:08
malno errors or warnings?13:09
AL13N_lappyi did console.log and .warn and even .error, but nothing13:09
AL13N_lappymaybe i need to make an actual error to see it13:09
malhow does the web page fail?13:09
AL13N_lappyit's a simple page, and it uses jquery and i think the part that may fail is something is set with jquery .data() and it may be undefined when reading back later13:10
AL13N_lappyi'm gonna have to make like a visible area to put some debug messages in :-(13:10
AL13N_lappyhuh, that's strange... it seems like that "null" == "undefined" ?13:23
AL13N_lappywell, i've rewritten my code to not rely on null != undefined, but still weird13:29
AL13N_lappymal: thx!13:30
Nico[m]Well, null and undefined are very similar, I think you need !== to distinguish them instead of !=13:31
Nico[m]kinda like this:
malAL13N_lappy: good that you got it working13:38
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riniguspiggz nice! Why is the watch taped so much?17:36
Nico[m]rinigus: The Pinetime does not clip together, at least the dev kit17:39
rinigusNico  weird, I hope it's dev kit only :)17:43
Nico[m]Yeah, the non devkit version is closed17:43
Nico[m]Which of course makes development harder :D17:44
piggzrinigus: yup ... devkit has 4 pads for SWD debug wires coming out of back17:45

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