Sunday, 2021-01-24

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rubdosIs there a good resource on Sailfish.Silica/Formatter09:20
rubdosLooking to find a formatter that yields "today", "yesterday", etc. Formatter.DurationElapsed gives "8 hours ago"09:20
electro575how can i fix this error please ?11:15
electro575Can't create cache at /home/.zypp-cache/solv/local-t0lte-hal - no writing permissions.11:15
electro575Error building the cache:11:15
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rainbowdropshello is there MAc randomization in sailfish os15:30
malnot that I know of15:35
rainbowdropsthis is why i was asking
rainbowdropsto see if i can use some of this with graphene as well15:37

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