Thursday, 2021-01-28

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DepartureHello! Anyone available to help troubleshoot installation of Sailfishos via the version 33 SDK please?14:38
Nico[m]Installation of SailfishOS via the HADK or of an application for SailfishOS via the SDK?14:40
Nico[m]What's the error you're getting?14:41
Departureit keeps saying it cant find the repo.14:41
Nico[m]Can you show the exact error message?14:41
Nico[m]Is that during building the application or during the deployment process?14:42
Nico[m]Oh, you are trying to install the Sailfish SDK14:44
Nico[m]Do you have a network connection?14:44
DepartureI want to setup inside a virtual box to try out.14:44
Nico[m]Can your virtualbox connect to the internet?14:45
Nico[m]Also, this may be difficult, since the emulator also starts a virtualbox in the default config14:45
DepartureHard to say. Resources are limited right now. Running a virtual machine of xubuntu 20.04 in a old 2012 mac book os since it is heavily deprecated.14:47
Departureinternet works in all other places but the sdk wont find the repos14:47
Nico[m]Then I can't recommend running the SDK inside virtualbox :D14:47
DepartureThere no way to access the files outside a sdk?14:48
Nico[m]Did you use the online or offline installer?14:50
Departurenot sure14:51
Departurei will provide the link14:51
Departureversion 3314:52
Nico[m]It should say offline in the installer name somewhere14:52
Nico[m]Check under all download options and use the offline one14:53
Nico[m]Also it is 3.3 not 3314:53
Departureno offline available for linux according to this.14:54
Nico[m]No, there is, check the All Download Options14:55
Nico[m]One literally says offline14:55
DepartureI just provided a full screenshot of the all downloads section14:55
Nico[m]Yes, and the second option says offline14:56
DepartureMy apologies I see it now. xD14:56
DepartureCould I ask about SailfishOos as far as the marketplace it uses?14:58
DepartureI mainly was curious about your store.14:58
Nico[m]It only has the Sailfish Store (and OpenRepos), which is not monetized14:58
Departureso if I make an account can I browse the store without installing the sdk?15:03
Nico[m]I don't think you can browse the store outside of a device15:04
Departureokay. Thank you for clarifying.15:04
DepartureThere any videos that allow us to watch it in action by chance?15:04
Nico[m]Watch what in action?15:04
Nico[m]The store?15:04
DepartureJust general use of the os and what the store looks and feels like.15:05
Nico[m]There are a few show cases on youtube15:05
DepartureAny chance you might have a link to your youtube page? Sorry, sometimes it can be hard to find these things. Please and thank you.15:08
Nico[m]I don't have any15:10
Nico[m]Store is at 9 minutes ++15:11
DepartureThank you for providing this.15:15
DepartureYour certainly a major consideration for getting away from googleplay now. Thank you guys for doing what you do. :)15:16
DepartureYour software can run on tablets too correct?15:24
Nico[m]Well, it is not my software, but yes, Sailfish runs on tablets15:24
DepartureDoes the store offer international shipping? I notice it is available in the EU, Norway, and Switzerland.15:28
Nico[m]No, I think it is focussed around EU and friends15:28
DepartureDo you have any kind of list that talks about good tablets that work with sailfishos?15:32
Nico[m]Nope, but there is probably something on the forum or on #sailfishos-porters15:33
DepartureThank you for your patience in answering my questions. I am from the USA asking about all of this. Trying to educate myself on this to help myself and others potentially migrate over to this versus the stock stuff were using between ios and googleplay.15:37
Nico[m]No worries, we try to be welcoming here. Just don't push Sailfish to your friends too hard ;p15:38
DepartureNo promises there. Tis biblical, not about to support a bunch of people trying to recruit us all into brainwashed occultism. With that being said, I Hope everyone in this forum knows the Lord Jesus Christ well.15:41
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