Friday, 2021-01-29

OksanaDoes absence of sudoedit command mean that this bug is not applicable?..
Nico[m]Pretty much, I don't think sailfish even ships sudo00:04
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lystraOksana: But sudoedit is simply a symlink to sudo. So, if someone creates a symlink in their home dir, I'd expect the issue to remain.07:11
x2sIs there still no web frontend to the jolla app store?11:27
fridlx2s: Yes, there is no frontend.12:02
cat53Approximate location15:50
cat53Share only your approximate location rather than your exact location — perfect for apps like local news or weather.15:50
cat53how can i request this feature15:50
paanybod familiar with QcFire 1.2 ?20:03

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