Wednesday, 2021-02-03

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rubdosI have a very weird thing going on with a custom protocol handler.21:21
rubdosIt works in general, from browser and from codereader, but in practice I have a signalcaptcha://[very-long-string]. The very long string doesn't achieve anything.21:22
rubdosIf you accidentally made that into signalcaptcha://signalcaptcha://[very-long-string], it worked from codereader, whisperfish correctly opened.21:22
rubdosThere must be something *really* strange in the specific format of that string, because it's not the length that craps it out.21:23
rubdos(sorry for this)21:23
Nico[m]Does it wrki with short strings?21:24
Nico[m]Why are you using // in your string?21:24
rubdosWorks with short strings21:24
rubdosI mainly tested with strings like stahoelruchaolrehu though :-)21:24
rubdosAnd I use :// because that's what I get back from signal.org21:25
rubdos(the url comes out exactly like this, fwiw)21:25
Nico[m]I see. I feel like having such a long authority is weird, but probably fine21:25
rubdoswait, do you spot any special chars in the string?21:26
rubdosBecause I didn't... Just some base64-like thingy that comes out. It's in fact a reCAPTCHA token...21:27
Nico[m]Hm, no, the chars seem to look fine21:27
rubdosSince there's this little popup that asks for what application to open, I guess there's some program/process that fires to show that prompt. Is there a way to see what happens to that process?21:28
* RubenDeSmet[m] is here via Matrix too now.21:28
* RubenDeSmet[m] sent a long message: < >21:29
RubenDeSmet[m]That's the .desktop file I use.21:29
RubenDeSmet[m]not that it matters, it never reaches my process 😐️21:29
Nico[m]That looks fine to me, I guess you probably do stuff wrong in the actual handling of that arg?21:30
Nico[m]Your process is not even invoked?21:30
RubenDeSmet[m]if I throw it in via `xdg-open` it works perfectly21:30
Nico[m]Ah, yeah, I know that feeling, currently troubleshooting a similar thing where firefox seems to not open my scheme correctly on the desktop21:31

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