Thursday, 2021-02-04

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RubenDeSmet[m]Nico: any clue how to debug the above, by any chance?09:54
Nico[m]No, not really, I just finally figured out that my app was missing a %u in the Exec line :D11:48
Nico[m]The deinstallation prompt I get before installing 4.0.1, is that inteded to be done automatically or do I need to manually uninstall them?13:21
fridlNice Ambiences! I love them in 4.0!14:00
fridlFirst boot is fine on my Dev. Xperia X14:00
fridlAnd my App is also working. Nice :-)14:01
* Nico[m] is still waiting for the download to complete14:01
Nico[m]My apps got deinstalled automatically for using stuff, that wasn't available anymore :314:01
fridlso some work is waiting for you ;-)14:04
Nico[m]But I need the new build targets first...14:06
Nico[m]But on the other hand, I may be able to get on harbour now!14:06
Nico[m]Oh no, my update hangs .-.14:50
Nico[m]Phew, it just hang forever at the last step and then didn't turn on automatically...14:55
fridlNico[m]: So, finally it worked?16:13
thigg[m]Anyone has an idea why iconbuttons might not show up anymore with sailfishos4?16:15
thigg[m](context: podqast, open a ContextMenu by longpressing an episode, the IconButtons which should be in there are not showing up)16:15
thigg[m]nothing in the logs16:16
Nico[m]fridl: Yes16:19
attahjaay, i borked the update :)17:24
Nico[m]What did you do? :D17:28
attahi forgot i was in the half-installed state and rebooted to try to make it actually connect to the server and not just wait forever17:29
attah(there was a broken package to re-download)17:29
Nico[m]Oh no17:29
attahmental note: eat first, update after17:30
attahnow if it could just turn off instead of reboot from the encryption screen, that would be nice17:31
Nico[m]Hm, did the contextkit C++ API get removed? .-.17:39
fridlNico[m]: why do you think so?17:42
Nico[m]Well, because the package can't be found anymore and it probably ties into the statefs changes17:43
Nico[m]I think I need to use nemo-qml-plugin-contextkit-qt5 now and update the state on the C++ side...17:44
fridlAh, ok, so QML side works, but not the C++. I get it.17:45
Nico[m]Yeah, which is a bit annoying, but on the other hand, I think that API is allowed in harbour now17:45
fridlThis one should work as well, but i think its also qml only: qml(org.freedesktop.contextkit)17:46
attahcrap... my hacked fastboot *helps* for USB3, but not enough :(18:37
bionade24attah: What do you mean? By fastboot issues with USB3 use a USB2 cable, port or port replicator.18:51
attahbionade24: there needs to be at least something active in taht chain, doesn't help with a cable that's just wired for USB218:53
attahso i built fastboot myself and hacked in some retries... helped some, but doesn't work still18:53
bionade24attah: How should it speak USB3 over a USB2 cable. I guess you just don't have a USB2 type C capble, have you?18:54
attahi have plentu of usb A-C cables that are 2.0 only18:54
bionade24attah: How should you be able to flash it then? Using fasboot is pretty normal and has nothing to with USB, it's an non-samsung android boot rom + abd client.18:55
attahadb has nothing to do with fastboot afaik18:55
attahlots of people have this issue, and can use a lower spec cable all they want, only a lower spec *port* helps18:56
attahits something to do with XHCI controllers vs not19:00
attahBTW... what is a hy005?19:31
bionade24attah: In what context ?19:33
attahthat's the new device in the release notes mentioning aarch6419:33
attahXperia II is XQ-AU52 or something.. so not obviously that19:34
bionade24attah: No idea. Maybe look at mer-porters or how this one particular repo on github is named. Not really interested in that stuff myself, though. Sorry for the wrong claim about the USB3 issue, it's long ago when I flashed my phone :)19:39
attahno hits on that there19:39
attahnice, backup died on my 2.4 gigs of pictures, and the GUI didn't get that, so it just sat there19:46
Nico[m]Hm, where is the subtext property used on Notifications?19:50
attahwhy can i only choose one out of several backups?19:54
bionade24Nico[m]: Under the nemomobile stuff20:04
Nico[m]bionade24: But where do I see it in the UI? Or is it not currently used anywhere?20:05
bionade24Nico[m]: You mean in the SFOS 4 UI? I  don't understand the context.20:05
Nico[m]Yep, exactly20:06
Nico[m]Since the notifications API supports setting it:
bionade24attah: Make backups with Borg or restic, it's worth it20:06
bionade24Nico[m]: I won't look into  SFOS 4.0 for now, sorry.20:06
Nico[m]No worries, I was just curious, if anyone knew already20:07
bionade24Nico[m]: Could you send me some screenshots, though? They sadly don't provide an emulator, yet20:10
bionade24Nico[m]: Or does it look mostly the same?20:11
Nico[m]It now has a dropdown to expand the notification and some notifications now have some buttons a the bottom20:14
Nico[m]It's a bit hard to screenshot though :D20:14
bionade24Nico[m]: Ah, a bit like iOS20:15
Nico[m]No idea, I don't use iOS :D20:15
bionade24Nico[m]: I used it before and my whole family is stuck in the Apple Ecosystem20:17
* Nico[m] uploaded an image: Bildschirmfoto_20210204_002.png (1187KiB) < >20:19
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Nico[m]Can you see those?20:19
Nico[m]If your notification defines actions other than the default action, then they get added below the text in the message20:20
Nico[m]Also applies in the event area20:20
bionade24Nico[m]: I like but hate it at the same time. Hope they make this optional. I thought it's more like you can the directly reply to the message.20:22
Nico[m]Well, yeah, the buttons are usually to mark something as read or open the reply composer for an email20:22
Nico[m]So no, this probably will not be optional, but if you don't expand the notification, you won't see them anyway20:23

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