Saturday, 2021-02-06

Mister_Magisteraint it? :300:00
Ingvixyes, very00:00
Ingvixguess I'll be factory resetting tomorrow00:00
Ingvixsuch a bother00:01
Mister_Magisteroh wow, why00:01
Ingvixbecause of the broken aliendalvik that can't be reinstalled00:01
Mister_Magisterahh ye00:01
Mister_Magisteradded the url stuff for mer-meeting, we will see how it goes00:02
Ingvixhmm, does microtube actually work for you?00:03
Ingvixfor me it just loads videos endlessly00:05
Mister_MagisterIngvix: i'm planning on fixing it since like half a year00:31
Ingvixah right, you're the creator. Didn't realize that00:32
Ingvixwell, at least ytplayer is working for though you need your own api key00:32
Ingvix*for now00:32
Mister_MagisterIngvix: i'm sorry you must suffer that way :P00:33
IngvixI'll manage somehow00:34
Mister_Magisteri actually started some work on it today00:34
Ingvixotherwise I probably wouldn't even use a linux phone00:35
Mister_Magistercause finally after months i found some motivation00:35
Ingvixlovely to hear00:35
Mister_Magisternow its 1:35 and i don't wanna go to sleep to not loose motivation00:35
Ingvixthat's the spirit00:35
Mister_Magisternot really :D00:35
Mister_Magisterscrewing sleep schedule is never good thing00:36
Ingvixthat might be true00:36
IngvixIt's still mystery though why microtube isn't showing streams though I'm sure that at one point long ago it did00:37
Ingvixand they worked just fine00:37
Ingvixlive streams, I mean00:37
Mister_Magisterprobably youtube changed api00:38
Ingvixcan you fix it or is it a problem in the source base you'd rather not touch?00:39
Ingvix*code base00:39
Ingvixalso it's 2:39 here00:39
Mister_Magisterno idea i'm not doing the youtube part tbh it's minitube's job00:40
Mister_Magisterwe will see how it is on newest base kk?00:40
IngvixI see00:40
Ingvixthere's also LLs vPlayer that can play the streams but the youtube search is broken and you need direct links00:42
Mister_Magisteri'm aware :P00:42
Ingvixnice collection of half-working youtube apps00:42
Mister_Magisterme and leszek are (i hope  good) friends00:42
Mister_MagisterIngvix: then patch it yourself00:42
Ingvixunfortunately I don't have a lot of time to focus on even my own projects right now00:44
Ingvixand I'm grateful for the work people have put in the apps, it's youtube that can't just make it easy for people00:44
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Nico[m]Mister_Magister: In some cases I may want to still be able to open such links in the browser though :D09:23
mpol_Ingvix: there are a few possible solutions listed on the forum for alien Dalvik, did you try them?09:52
Ingvixmpol_, no, I'll look for them now. I noticed that aliendalvik package's installed size on my system is 0 B12:22
Ingvixseems a bit weird12:22
IngvixI tried moving my /home/.android and rebooting. Brought back the task bar but I can't seem to install any apps. The dialog doesn't appear though apkd-install returns true12:40
Ingvixwhat version of the aliendalvik you have installed? I'd like to be sure I at least have the version correct12:40
Ingvixmine's 1.0.0-1.7.1.jolla12:41
IngvixI couldn't really find any too specific solutions for my problem12:56
malIngvix: which device?12:59
Ingvixmal, X1012:59
malIngvix: aliendalvik package is a meta-package with no actual content, the content is in aliendalvik-configs and aliendalvik-system13:00
Ingvixah, I see13:00
Ingvixso I should remove all of those13:00
malwhat are you trying to do?13:00
Ingvixreinstall aliendalvik because it seems rather broken, not showing the bottom bar and not resizing the app when keyboard is launched13:01
malhmm, ok, there are also other packages related to alien in the device, apkd* and alien*13:02
Ingvixwould you recommend to remove all of them?13:02
malwell if you really want to remove the whole thing13:03
malalso it's apkd8*13:03
Ingvixwell I'm not sure what's the broken part but I guess I can't hurt, hopefully13:03
mpol_oh, I have not updated yet, just a bit too many small issues13:05
mpol_Some comments are about conflicts with a themepack app and a dynamic icons app, if they are removed it works again13:05
mpol_I don't remember anyone mentioning thos specific problems on the forum, it might be good to mention them there13:07
attahmal: You are the Android Runtime maestro, right? Did you see the leftover reference to /home/nemo i posted about?13:07
malattah: which one?13:08
malattah: that is fixed internally already13:09
attahawesome, will it appear in another iteration of 4.0?13:10
Ingvixhmm, are feature-alien and ofono-alien-binder-plugin also something I can safely uninstall?13:11
Ingvixthat they don't break anything in general and are installed when reinstalling aliendalvik if needed?13:12
malIngvix: no need to remove those but keep feature-alien, the other should be safe to remove13:13
malso do not remove feature-alien13:13
malattah: not sure, need to ask13:13
attahokidoki, good to know that it is fixed anyway13:15
attahAny chance of a post in that thread when you know?13:16
attahnice :)13:20
Ingvixnow things seem to be working quite well, thanks13:53
_sven!seen rokk3rz13:54
_svenseems rokk3rz is no longer present in the sailfishos irc channels14:01
_svenhow can i install fingerterm with this commit from yesterday?14:28
malyou need to build it yourself14:30
_svenmaybe this commit will fix my current problem14:31
mal_sven: what problem?14:36
_sven@mal i have this bashrc, on fingerterm the first character of a string value in PS1 prompt has the wrong color.14:38
_sven@mal the problem occurs only localy on the device. If i connect from remote via ssh, all looks fine.14:39
_sven@mal and if i use havox as terminal emulation there is also no problem. So it seems fingerterm has a problem with escape sequences14:39
_svenafter update to 4.x i had to replace busybox with gnu-bash to further use my bashrc script. This bashrc show the battery status in command prompt. Very nice when using the device via ssh.14:42
Mister_MagisterNico[m]: you can add x-url-handler/* to browser's open-url.desktop15:13
Ingvixgod damn it. Now with my new /home/.android none of the apps requiring maps and location stuff work though microg check shows green15:18
IngvixI saved my old .android dir and with it the apps work but it's somewhat unusable with the same issues mentioned earlier15:19
Ingvixif I could just get the best of both15:19
Ingvixbasicly the apps crash when they try to use the location services15:27
malIngvix: which app?16:18
Ingvixmal, um, for example foodora16:20
IngvixI also made a thread to the forum just now16:21
Ingvixfoodora crashes right after the splash screen16:23
malanything interesting in the logcat of android app support: lxc-attach -n aliendalvik -- /system/bin/logcat16:24
attahI had something similar a while back, where the map API provided by microG returns null somewhere where it is not expected16:26
attahSo apps would detect presence of maps, but the use some of the more niche parts of the api and crash16:27
malbtw, there are some issues with android app location support on some 4.0.1 devices, I think it was x1016:27
IngvixI haven't upgraded yet, still on 3.416:28
Ingvixmal, may there be some sensitive information in the log? I was just wondering if it's fairly safe to share it16:48
Ingvixwell, probably not since I haven't even logged in with the app yet16:49
malIngvix: I sent you a private message16:52
Ingvixthe problem was solved and all is well. A true happy ending17:28
malthere seemed to be something wrong in the app installation and reinstalling those was the fix17:31
canii'm a sailfishos user18:53
caniwith zero development background or programing18:53
canican i get some help18:54
maljust ask questions18:54
canicompare it to the new Postmarket and Ububtu touch i know we have andriod support18:54
canimy friend want to switch from IOS to something more privacy respecting18:55
caniand because of some youtube videos he says that ubuntu touch is the best choice and i want to debate with him18:56
caniisn't sailfish os linux os like Ubuntu touch18:56
_svensomeone familiar with fingerterm code? There must be an error between line 135 and 173 that leads to a faulty escape sequence start/end when using octal escape sequences in command prompt like in this bashrc The first character of the percentage string value has the wrong color (white instead of green)20:21
_svenin fingerterm. Any idea how to fix this? I'm suspecting the counting stuff, but i'm not a programmer.20:21
Nico[m]<cani "isn't sailfish os linux os like "> It's quite a bit different. But Sailfish definitely feels more stable imo and feels more complete right now23:58
Nico[m]I'd suggest to just try both :D23:58

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