Sunday, 2021-02-07

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Nico[m]Oh my god, who made the private mode icon? It's awesome!02:20
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bionade24_sven: Maybe look at fingerterm upstream repo, I sadly don't have time to look into that at the moment.12:05
bionade24cani: SailfishOS is real Linux and the most stable you can currently get.12:05
bionade24*of mobile Linuxes12:36
elros1Looks like try and catch doesn't work anymore on when using pageStack.push() on not existing qml file. At least patchmanager use catch to show patch information page.20:53
coderuselros1: oh(20:53
elros1ausmt-install/remove hangs forever when started by QProcess. installing gnu-bash seems to fix it. Anybody notice something like that on sfos 4.0.1?21:46
antisHeho, anybody here who can help with a "bricked" Fairphone 2 on SFOS? Presumingly the cause was an "infraview" app update (connman??).22:31
antisThe device doesn't boot into SFOS (TWRP is fine though).22:34
elros1about: ausmt hang: looks like hang happens only when installing/removing rpm. QProcess is executed in post section22:35
elros1@antis did you try to upgrade to version 4.0.1? There is adaptation repo for fp2 on obs for that release yet22:37
elros1sorry  "There is NO adaptation"22:38
antis@elros1 thanks anyway for trying. FYI: sfos version is/was - current state is "does not boot beyond boot screen".22:41
elros1ah sorry I missunderstand because I fight with issues so you only updated one application right?22:50
antisis it the next major release?22:52
elros1yes but still in EA22:52
elros1on community testing images there is /data/.stowaways/sailfishos/init_disable_telnet file. If you remove it in twrp you might have telnet next time you boot sailfish at: telnet 232322:54
antisfor me not even 3.4 is avialable - lol22:55
elros1there is 3.4 on obs but maybe you should ask maintainer about that on #sailfishos-porters22:57
antisThanks, due to "lack of time" usually I wait for the community port release (currently 3.3 on FP2). Wait a sec. going to reboot linux -> brb.23:04
antis@elros1 Cannot find the file you stated for telnet/ssh session.23:21
elros1but you have some file in sailfishos directory? File is not there for devel builds. Is devel or testing build?23:22
antisyes, it is a bit strange as it shows ~13GiB usage (for "data" partition), but fs tree appears almost empty in file manager23:23
antisWhile at it: Could I update TWRP maybe?23:23
antisThis one ->
elros1I see no reason to update TWRP. does: ls /data/.stowaways/sailfishos/ shows something?23:26
elros1maybe this topic should be in #sailfishos-porters23:27
antisUdpated twrp successfully anyway. no change though (as expected). Btw. I found the file meanwhile (using twrp's terminal - it's a PITA on touch, but i don't have a proper keyborad adapter right now)23:57
antisLooks like we are on "recovery" partition - so it doesn't see the files stored on "system" - will try to reflash the Android base image and see if that helps…23:59

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