Monday, 2021-02-08

elros1sailfish on community devices is installed on data partition not system. In TWRP sfos root / directory is accessible in /data/.stowaways/sailfishos/00:01
elros1So I am not sure what files you are missing00:02
antisOk, thanks for the info. I am missing personal files (e.g. Pictures etc.)00:02
elros1so /data/.stowaways/sailfishos/home/nemo/00:02
antisAhhh ok, thank you. That helps a lot!!00:03
antisYeah, all there. Perfect!00:04
antis_@elros1 I guess there is no way to get "zypper" on TWRP to install sfos packages or is it?00:27
elros1maybe you could use chroot but now that you removed init_disable_telnet file you can try to telnet to sfos via commandline or using putty00:29
useretailhey, anyone tested new 4.0?00:31
useretailis it stable?00:31
Nico[m]Works fine for me :300:31
useretailthere is clear warning that says to backup first00:32
Nico[m]That applies to all updates00:32
useretailso i was thinking to wait for stable00:32
useretailgood idea00:32
Nico[m]Probably the better idea, yes, but you should still make a backup :300:33
useretaillast backup i did was on my n90000:33
antis@elros1 Have I mentioned the phone does not have an IP… (that was the actual issue -> all began with all connectivity (wlan, sim, bt, etc.) was "off" (no symbols in sfos and unable to turn it "on").00:50
elros1ok but you still have usb which you can use to connect to device00:51
elros1Just for the record about bash/ash busybox issue: looks like script content doesn't matter, qprocess never get finished signal no matter what it starts. I will switch to gnu-bash anyway00:58
antis@elros1 You can try "errorOccured" signal. Maybe insufficient permissions or something where the "finished" may not be triggered.01:12
elros1Even with error, there must by finished signal. I think it's not qt error itself but rpm. Everything works as expected immediately after installing gnu-bash. It's not the first time that transition to busybox breaks something in rpm01:15
antisMmh… IIRC the finished signal is not work with SIGKIL etc. Looks like busybox terminates different from bash here…01:19
antisStill no connect to phone via usb… I have changed the phone's IP (professional reasons), but both don't work.01:21
elros1Sometimes host doesn't assign ip, according to halium docs simple: ip address add dev usb0 && ip route add dev usb001:26
antisah ok, thanks. will try01:27
antis-> can't find device usb0 (how to list available devices?)01:32
elros1ifconfig -a01:32
antis-> rtnetlink answers: network is down01:41
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antis@mal are you there?02:19
antis@mal I would need the latest sfos image for FP2. Could you provide the link please as stated on the wiki?02:22
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antis@mal are you there?09:06
malantis: I sent you the link in private message09:53
antisthanks a lot!09:53
antisunfortunately sfos bricked itself yesterday (N3210 saves the day^^)09:54
antisbefore i flash the image -> do you have an idea how to a) save the data from TWRP? And b) maybe recover sfos toa bootable state?09:55
x2sthe question is how it bricked09:56
x2siirc data and system are on different partitions and can be saved over usb/adb09:57
antismy guess is infraview - after upgrading basically every remote connection stopped working (connman?)09:57
x2sthat is weird. An application should not be able to brick a device.09:58
antisif the application overrides system libs with incompatible ones it can.10:05
antishowever the device couldn't even recognize sim (rebooting didn't help). After trying to remove some network related packages basically any Jolla app related to network (telepohne, contacts, etc.) got "wiped".10:08
antisAnd on next reboot -> all remains is a bootscreen (all data is still there)10:09
malantis: grab the whole /data/.stowaways folder, that has everything related to sfos10:10
malantis: did you install some odd app from openrepos or what?10:11
antisnot that i know of - had infraview and nmapsuid (both pulled additional lib packages after update from 5.2.20)10:12
antissorry, 2021 of course (only infraview got updated)10:14
malantis: what were you doing when the device broke?10:14
antisliterally nothing! updated few hours before and all appeared normal. after switching on the device, all the icons on "top right side" disappeared (including wifi) and sim was also no longer recognized as well.10:16
malwould be nice to get logs, "journalctl -b --no-pager"10:18
antisThen by checking syslog, i stumbled accross connman and it said "service disabled".10:18
antiseasiest way to backup would be local usb network. however "ip add …" works, but after "ip route add …" -> "rtnetlink says: network is down"10:22
Nico[m]No SD card to backup to?10:30
malantis: does mtp in usb work?10:34
malantis: you mean even usb is not working?10:34
antisyes - it shows the recovery partition's home folder, which is basically empty apart from Download where I placed the images10:36
antisthat's what i'm thinking :)10:37
malantis: to which version did you update to?10:48
antisinfraview? latest version 0.4-410:49
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antisHave a backup from jan. 2020. Hurts a bit, but doable in worst case.10:53
malantis: there must be some way to backup10:54
malantis: you have no sd cards?10:55
malor usb otg cable and usb memory stick?10:55
antishave a 16G sd mounted; just freeing some space and it should work…10:57
antisbackup to sd seems to work; enabled compression (does it sparse compression or gz?)11:01
antisanother question: backup is stating "Backup of Data do not include files in internaly Storage such as Pictures"11:02
antiswill check that after the backup is done11:05
malantis: I suggest backing up the whole /data/.stowaways not just using the backup tool11:28
malassuming you have enough space on the sd card11:28
antissdcard is pretty full now (16G only)11:29
malhow much data do you have on the device?11:31
malantis: you could of course do that in parts like moving pictures and videos manually using the sd card and once you have all of those backed up you would back up the rest11:32
antismal: you mean a simple rsync file based backup instead? Now that i have the tool based backup let me copy this one over first…11:43
antisOk, the tool has finished and it does file based backup with compression. Seems pretty complete to me, but anyway. Let's do another round…11:44
malantis: yeah, for the whole /data/.stowaways I meant just compress the whole folder to the sdcard of there is space, it not enough space then copy the images and videos first so those are not included in there anymore11:52
antismeh… rsync is not available. cp -a should work right?12:00
Mister_MagisterNico[m]: WE, GOT, A, REPLY12:00
Nico[m]Yeah :D12:00
Nico[m]I still wonder if just splitting at the first / wouldn't still work anyway, but yeah, it would not really be a nice mime type .-.12:02
Mister_MagisterNico[m]: it depends on url so it would be better not to limit people12:03
Nico[m]Well, replacing the / will probably not work, since that will match multiple paths12:03
Mister_Magisterah, shite, right12:04
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useretailhow can i setup my sfos phone to work as voip gateway?13:30
fridlDoes someone know if there is any lib that can help to display a GeoJSON in a SFOS-App?13:36
fridluseretail: But i assume that is not Harbour compatible, is it?13:42
useretailharbour is a repository13:44
useretailif it's not, use openrepos13:46
antis@mal Quite an odissey but i have a redundant backup now (~12GiB twrp and ~4GiB .stowawway tar after removing unused OSM maps and stuff). Precious files look healthy.13:46
antisRe-Installation can start. Will come back later when this is done and the phone behaves "normal" again (have some questions remaining).13:47
malantis: ok13:50
fridluseretail: for me it's point to have it in harbour however.13:50
attahDo you guys know of any common noarch/qml-only apps off hand?16:50
Nico[m]I think tooter was qml only, but no idea, if it is noarch packaged16:50
Nico[m]It isn't16:51
attahMind trying to replicate this: ?16:51
attah(not trying to drive stats for my own apps, i promise ;)16:52
Eric58too excited for stable sailfish 418:09
Eric58is it soon i check dailyvfor update18:09
OksanaIs it possible to upgrade sailfish-browser somehow? I have sailfish-browser installed on Sailfish OS 3.3, yet I see on Github versions 1.20.31 and 2.0.18 released as tar.gz . Is it possible to compile them for Sailfish 3.3, armv7hl aka aarch64?23:07

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