Thursday, 2021-02-11

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Oksanamal: Example: Update of nfcd is held back. When telling zypper to update nfcd, zypper says that libdbuslogserver-gio is of too low version (1.0.17 while 1.0.19 is needed). I have no idea where to find libdbuslogserver-gio 1.0.19 - it's not in my repositories, and I do not see such an rpm anywhere.03:37
OksanaMaybe, it's because I am on Sailfish OS 3.3. But I have no wish to upgrade to Sailfish OS 3.4 when it requires starting from scratch - everything from Sailfish OS 3.3 has to be removed, just because somebody decided that Sailfish OS 3.4 should contain some kind of filesystem encryption or something.03:38
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OksanaWhat is the definition of sailfish_latest_armv7hl at Open Build Service: Sailfish OS 3.3 or Sailfish OS 3.4?04:40
mighty17hi! is there any way i can change the touch in the browser app, there needs to be some change in primaryuse.conf and droid-hal-device.conf for touch to work normally, but in only the browser app its broken04:44
OksanaNot sane. I have found udisks2 2.8.1+git6 (from Sailfish OS 3.4) as source code tar.gz, and want it to work on Sailfish OS 3.3. What happens? tar.gz contains a dozen of patches. What original should they work with, and how?.. Alright, got original udisks2 2.8.1 (not 2.8.1-4) as tar.bz2 from Debian repository.06:59
OksanaHmm, now I can see dependencies of udisks-2.8.1+git6 in spec file. Let's see...07:12
Oksanasystemd 225 is higher than 208, good. libmount 2.33>2.30, good. libblockdev 2.19>2.14, good. dbus 1.13.12>1.4.0, good.07:15
OksanaAll that remains is an insane amount of build dependencies. Aka "better build this in an SDK, not on-device".07:16
OksanaGrr, rpmbuild fails build dependencies, though they are just fine, to my human eye. Should rpmbuild be run as #root or as $user?07:35
OksanaAlright, I can do rpmbuild -bs - source package rpm.07:44
OksanaProbably lack of polkit-agent-1 (why -1?) and polkit-gobject-1 (even though I have polkit) is at fault for non-buildable binary rpm07:51
Oksanapkcon found sailfish-polkit-agent, but no polkit-gobject still07:54
OksanaSo, yes. I am fairly stuck here.07:59
OksanaHuh, after I installed polkit-devel, it went better.08:15
OksanaHmm, installing a variety of *-devel packages helped to shorten the list of failed build dependencies. But three are left still...08:22
OksanaMount, Gudev and Gobject-introspection-1, where are you?08:23
OksanaI have already installed libgudev and libgudev-devel, versions 232+git2-1.3.108:25
OksanaAnd that's higher than required 20808:26
OksanaInstalled libmount-devel, that helped with mount build dependency08:28
OksanaBut what about gudev? Shouldn't libgudev-devel be quite sufficient?08:28
OksanaGudev and Gobject-Introspection left as the two failed build dependencies - and I think them to be installed already!08:32
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Eric1how can i add adblock to the browser please14:06
malOksana: which device is that?14:20
Eric1xperia x1014:24
malthere seems to be some app called defender in, I haven't tried that
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