Friday, 2021-02-12

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RubenDeSmet[m]Has anyone already tried making a third-party app to use/enter/configure the Firejail?17:12
RubenDeSmet[m]Actually this looks quite well documented
mighty17Any idea about Android apps in community ports (sorry if this has been asked many times)17:20
attahRubenDeSmet[m]: I set up the required voodoo for SeaPrint... seems to have worked17:34
attahso well in fact i got it right the first time, so now i start to question it a bit :P17:34
RubenDeSmet[m]Cool! Do you still try to support SailfishOS 3.4 while you do this?17:35
attahI don't think that is orthogonal at all... it will just run unjailed there17:35
RubenDeSmet[m]Not even because of the `/usr/bin/sailjail` call in .desktop?17:35
RubenDeSmet[m]`Exec=harbour-seaprint` Ah interesting17:36
attahhmm so maybe i did fail... it shows correctly in settings17:36
RubenDeSmet[m]It probably show the permissions, but did you ever have to accept them?17:36
attahyeah, i probably derped17:36
abransonbtw, sailjail is a long way from third-party app support. it will probably change a lot on the way there.17:36
RubenDeSmet[m]Can imagine, abranson.17:37
attahguess i'll have to throw it away for the time being then17:37
abransonno harm in playing around, but whatever you do will most definitely break on the next release17:37
RubenDeSmet[m]The problem is, the introduction of Sailjail borked contact name resolution and contact selection here (which was - of course not a public interface on its own)17:37
attahabranson: did you get your printer working with SeaPrint btw?17:37
abransonyeah it's wonderful. use it all the time :)17:38
RubenDeSmet[m]I'm not eligible for The Store any time soon either way :D17:38
attahcool! happy to hear :)17:38
abransoncontacts aren't working? any idea what's broken?17:38
RubenDeSmet[m]In Whisperfish, that is :)17:38
abransonah probably the api change17:38
RubenDeSmet[m]well, contact db moved into a protected directory17:39
RubenDeSmet[m](has it? I gotta check now)17:39
abransonhmm, maybe not yet.17:39
abransonthe contacts were privileged before afaik? you had to include a .privileges file?17:39
abransonor have they actually moved too?17:39
RubenDeSmet[m][nemo@Sailfish ~]$ ls ~/.local/share/system/privileged/Contacts/qtcontacts-sqlite/contacts.db17:40
RubenDeSmet[m]ls: /home/nemo/.local/share/system/privileged/Contacts/qtcontacts-sqlite/contacts.db: Permission denied17:40
RubenDeSmet[m]They used to be in `~/.local/share/system/Contacts/qtcontacts-sqlite/contacts.db`17:40
RubenDeSmet[m]I mean, I have to admit, we're using quite a few APIs that we shouldn't, but WF wouldn't be as awesome otherwise...17:41
RubenDeSmet[m]This all made me wonder about rockpool too:  aren't the calendars shielded too now?17:42
attahOkay, now i got it jailed properly17:44
RubenDeSmet[m]For 3.4 backwards compatibility, I was thinking that a script that just executes its parameters in place of /usr/bin/sailjail should basically be enough... But that should probably be a community package.17:44
attahfunny i could trick settings into showing it17:44
RubenDeSmet[m]haha :)17:45
attahbut boy did it get broken by that17:45
RubenDeSmet[m]Yeh, can imagine.17:45
abransoncalendars were privileged onto too17:45
attahcrashed on opening the ImagePickerPage (:17:46
RubenDeSmet[m]rockpool views them through dbus then, I suppose.17:46
abransonno, the old fashioned way through kf517:47
abransonthat should all change before sailjail is 3rd party though. no-one should be using that privileged thing.17:49
RubenDeSmet[m]ack, but at least through some interface then; will rockpool still  work then for now? For contact names, I *was* relying on opening the `.db` raw, and was thinking about the Dbus approach (apparently there's an interface), but I was also using the public but not supported `RecipientField` QML element for contact selection.17:49
abransondunno, having a go of it now :)17:49
RubenDeSmet[m]Let me know, feel free to tag me here, on Github, on Gitlab, on Twitter or using smoke signals.17:50
attahIs it too early to start filing bugs on sailjail?17:51
RubenDeSmet[m](what's the worst that could happen, closing them?)17:51
attahand people getting annoyed17:52
RubenDeSmet[m]I mean, if it's well documented and dupe-checked, I don't think you're doing anything wrong...17:52
RubenDeSmet[m](I'm not a Jolla dev though)17:52
attahlast time i troed i got told off basically17:53
attahnot sailjail obviously17:53
attahdoes the .desktop really have to be named net.attah.seaprint?17:53
RubenDeSmet[m]I don't think it's necessary, given that `sailfish-browser.desktop` is a thing.17:54
RubenDeSmet[m]Having the path as name is mostly done for Dbus-related things iirc17:54
attahhmm, becauselaunching from shell works, but the exact same thing doesn't in Exec=17:54
RubenDeSmet[m]That's interesting. Maybe you have to restart the compositor, or reload the desktop database for that?17:56
abransonit should be something like that. when the sailjail comes in, your app's data dirs will have to conform to a package/app structure like the jolla ones have moved to17:56
RubenDeSmet[m]Yikes, another migration. How do you move to that directory structure if your app is already jailed? :'-)17:57
RubenDeSmet[m]Also, may I kindly invite abranson and attah to comment on ? :-)17:58
RubenDeSmet[m]No code has been written, but I'd love to hear some opinions.17:58
attahI guess it will be impossible to get permission to launch arbitrary *other* programs?17:58
RubenDeSmet[m](and maybe someone else from the Jolla people, if they're there)17:58
RubenDeSmet[m]attah: I think that should be possible through dbus17:59
RubenDeSmet[m]dbus-launching is a thing in the Maemo/Jolla world17:59
attahI'm using QProcess currently17:59
RubenDeSmet[m]I dove into that head-first when doing the Signal captcha stuff, and it still hurts a bit (but that's not Maemo/Jolla's fault, it's damned Signal's fault).18:00
RubenDeSmet[m]Do you need access to the actual process?18:00
attahyes, both stdin and stdout18:00
RubenDeSmet[m]Because if it's just for launching, you just... launch!18:00
attahfair point18:00
RubenDeSmet[m]ahhh. Yeh. If you need it for IPC, you may have to move towards a Dbus iface...18:00
RubenDeSmet[m]dbus launch + dbus iface...18:00
attahbut yea... ptdftowhatever from poppler utils18:01
attahbrb, food18:01
RubenDeSmet[m]<attah "but yea... ptdftowhatever from p"> Ah you'll probably need a custom permission for that... Sounds like a can of worms that you don't want to touch until Jolla decides that SailJail is 3rd-party stable.18:01
RubenDeSmet[m]I imagine that the `.desktop` spec is gonna stay kinda-stable, but having third-party permissions... that doesn't sound remotely like a stable interface.18:02
RubenDeSmet[m]Having runtime-decided permissions would be cool too, but I don't suppose that FireJail already can do that.18:30
attahRubenDeSmet[m]: i'm not sure i quite understand why that is useful... i mostly find it annoying with all the popups thrown by Android to do that18:35
RubenDeSmet[m]Eg. Whisperfish can perfectly live without the contact permission, it's just more convenient to people.18:36
attahalso, re: compatibility strategy, I would want to ask Jolla for a solution where they shim the Exec= command instead of us having to mess with it18:36
RubenDeSmet[m]That wouldn't solve it on though, and they'd have to backport the shim to 3.418:37
attahfor mie piece-meal and runtime are not quite the same thing, but i guess people will get confused with just the former18:37
attahwell if only their apps are allowed to use it until it is in place, yes it would18:37
attah(not counting OpenRepos use of it targeted at 4.0)18:38
attahand by shim i mean we could keep ot old-style Exec= and they e.g. prepend it, so 3.4 would keep working18:39
RubenDeSmet[m]True.. but then we cannot use firejail in 4.0.1 :D18:54
attahoh, well... have we made it this far, it's no biggie... and nobody looks to get stuck on that release18:56
RubenDeSmet[m]Yes that's true19:06
attahIt would be really nice if newer apps had to do basically nothing, and those that happen to work on 3.4 keep working without any special treatment19:07
RubenDeSmet[m]I also wonder how we're supposed to migrate from .local/share/X to .local/share/some-org/X19:10
attahyeah.. i started trying and... yeah, not fun19:11
RubenDeSmet[m]not really application launch though19:32
attahseems to be *only* background services19:33
attahthe naming schemes need a bit or work /methinks19:33
attahDataStorages for example means only external media it seems19:34
RubenDeSmet[m]Yeh, it's a bit confusing. Do we have any application that actually did a real migration of data form .local/share to jailed?19:35
attahjust the jolla ones afaik19:36
RubenDeSmet[m]... but did any of them actually migrate? :P19:38
RubenDeSmet[m]I guess they did19:38
RubenDeSmet[m]although jolla-messages.desktop still doesn't use the jail; all the jailing is commented out there.19:39
RubenDeSmet[m]the -contacts app does use a jail, but I hear many people lost contacts (which might indicate that migration isn't that... migratory)19:39
attahThere was the note to resync contacts19:40
attahand it doesn't appear wide-spread19:40
RubenDeSmet[m]I saw some disappear19:40
RubenDeSmet[m]Only noticed after a while, because those were people that I didn't really talk to very often...19:41
attahsounds odd since it's all one database, isn't it?19:41
RubenDeSmet[m]yes. Hypothesis: there's no migration, only resync.19:41
attahDoubt it... most people have only local contacts afaik19:43
RubenDeSmet[m]Actually, I did lose quite a few. Going through them now.19:43
RubenDeSmet[m]Not sure whether they were/are Nextcloud or not.19:43
RubenDeSmet[m]All numbers that I've had from WAAAAY before this phone though.19:44
attahI don't have much to offer, borked the update so i restored into 4.0 from backup19:45
RubenDeSmet[m]Meh. Scrolled through all my texts and reassigned those that I recognised.19:47
RubenDeSmet[m]Had to skip the generic "happy new year"s19:47
RubenDeSmet[m] wasn't too difficult to implement for WF, at least if I ignore 3.4 for now. I do wonder why I need the Privileged permission though, on top of Contacts.20:16
RubenDeSmet[m]the RecipientSelector seems to require that; it opens the contact db directly...20:16
attahso the .permission thingy, where did you even find what to put in there, elt alone that it is a thing?20:20
attahi sometimes wonder if i am actually retarded :)20:20
RubenDeSmet[m]and the rpm spec that's in that same repo20:21
RubenDeSmet[m]They also include a Python script to generate .ts files...20:22
attahi thought i had an overview of the concpt, but this just throws me off completely20:27
RubenDeSmet[m]Tell me, maybe I can help.20:27
attahstaring at it some more i'm starting to see where it fits in... but seems at least half of it needs to get abstracted away behind good defualts to make it somewhat approachable20:33
RubenDeSmet[m]Well that repo seems to be setting good defaults... Except for .local/share ;D20:47

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