Saturday, 2021-02-13

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fridlI'm not sure what keyword to search for, so I'm not successful finding a solution yet, i hope someone can give me a hint :-) I want to copy some specific files from a specific directory (git submodule) to the qml-folder of my application before deployment or debugging. Can I let QtCreator execute a script to do so or is there another nice way to set that up (probably in the make file or so...)08:38
attahfridl: probably the wrong solution, but i'm thinking symlinks08:42
fridlattah: ah, could be a way! Will that work for people who git clone the project?08:47
attahyes, it should... there will be borked links if they don't also get the submodule, but that's pretty fine08:48
fridlattah: nice! Thanks for the hint :-)08:49
fridlI'll try around :-)08:50
attahyeah... don't take my word for it. But i'm pretty sure i have seen this before08:51
fridlSure :-)08:53
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fridlattah: I have the Submodule now under my main project dir, the original files in the submodule forlder are added to the Project (and therefore under DISTFILES in the .pro file). The symlink seems to work on my dev system. But when deployed on the simulator or phone, it seems like the symlink in the qml dir is not hitting a target.10:37
attahwell, crap10:39
attahand pointing to the files in their original location in the project file etc was not an option?10:40
attahi have c++ stuff that i do that with, not sure what would be needed to make that happen with qml10:40
fridlin fact these are some python files i want to run.10:41
fridli could try that.10:41
fridlin the examples the python files always have been stored in the qml dir.10:42
fridli'll give it a try.10:42
attahit sounded like you had already ruled that out for some reason10:42
fridlso it is like that: I have a python file in the qml dir which is executed from the qml. in this python file i want to import another python method from the submodule. Now going multiple levels up with the python import is really bad (and i don't even know if possible). So I thought the easiest would be to copy the relevant files just before building.10:51
attahIt should be possible to add more folders to be easily addressed like that, but i can only seem to find it for C++ based apps10:55
fridlattah: Ok, i have set it up again from scratch. Now it seems(!) to work with the symlinks.11:15
fridli don't know what is different now.11:15
fridlbut something went wrong befor.11:15
fridlThanks for the help :-)11:15
attahfridl: nice!11:50
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abransonRubenDeSmet[m]: the browser is a good example of an app that did migrate. Those problems with users losing their bookmarks was due to that failing somehow.15:54
RubenDeSmet[m]Ah, and that's code that I can legally look at. That's useful, thanks :)15:55
RubenDeSmet[m] awesome15:57
RubenDeSmet[m]I've granted myself the right to `.local/share/harbour-whisperfish` and `.config/harbour-whisperfish` for now, I can perfectly postpone the rest of the migration to a later time :)15:59
RubenDeSmet[m](had to claim a dbus interface anyway in a custom profile...)15:59
abransonis your app on the harbour, or just openrepos?16:00
RubenDeSmet[m]just OR16:01
RubenDeSmet[m]We've got plenty of things to fix that block harbour, I'm quite confident that Jolla will allow us jails long before we're harbour-ready16:02
RubenDeSmet[m]I've got a tracking issue for that:
RubenDeSmet[m]And if you want to see how we implemented the jailing:
abransonIf I were you I'd leave the sailjailing until later, unless you particularly want to play with it. The best way for an openrepos app to access contacts until they can get them from a sandbox would be to include a privileges file. Other apps have been doing that for ages.17:02
abransonbut on second thoughts, it looks like you're having a lot of fun over there :)17:03
RubenDeSmet[m]Well, the schema changed and I'd like to keep the compatibility with 3.4... I started using displayLabel since 3.3, but apparently that's gone now (migrated to other tables).  How bad could you imagine that the SailJail goes the next few releases?17:15
RubenDeSmet[m]And yes, we're having quite a bit of fun over there, abranson :P17:15
RubenDeSmet[m]Feel free to come say hi in #whisperfish by the way :-)17:21
abransonpretty huge changes i'd imagine. i don't know what they'll be, but each of the permissions would have to provide stable interfaces before it gets released to all.17:37
RubenDeSmet[m]Hmm. Well, worst case I'll revert the Sailjail merge and get back to sourcing the displayLabel. The cool thing is that the merge request has a diffstat of +135-199... Removing more lines than adding, while keeping 3.x compat and adding the SailJail feature.17:43
RubenDeSmet[m]Nobody is going to get stuck on 4.0 though, so I don't have to keep 4.0 compat.17:44
abransonIf you want to avoid having to change things every release, then I recommend the old school privileges file17:47
RubenDeSmet[m]Then I'll have to keep track of the db schema, which also seems to change...  But probably not on every release. Hmm17:51
mighty17is there anyway to get android app support on community ported devices? jolla store doesnt have much of anything and i tried storeman but welp there isnt even youtube working (youtube crashes on browser for me)18:27
RubenDeSmet[m]What SailfishOS version do you run? Because I have the browser working perfectly fine on Youtube.18:30
mighty17<RubenDeSmet[m] "What SailfishOS version do you r">
mighty17native sfos browser has touch broken so i have to use webcat18:31
RubenDeSmet[m]I seem to recall it worked fine there too.18:31
RubenDeSmet[m]What port is it?18:31
RubenDeSmet[m](ie, what phone)18:31
mighty17i ported it myself18:31
RubenDeSmet[m]Was just going to suggest you contact the porter haha :P18:31
RubenDeSmet[m]Well, afaik, the sfos browser should do it. Can you play regular videos?18:32
mighty17<RubenDeSmet[m] "Well, afaik, the sfos browser sh"> i cant do anything in sfos browser as the touch acts weird18:32
RubenDeSmet[m]Sounds like you might have more porting work to do. :/18:33
RubenDeSmet[m]Either way: I don't think there's any good working community Android layer.18:33
RubenDeSmet[m]I'm not up-to-date on the native Youtube apps though.18:33
mighty17so like the touch was already broken i had to apply a patch
mighty17<RubenDeSmet[m] "Sounds like you might have more "> no alternatives :(18:34
RubenDeSmet[m]Maybe you can ask #sailfishos-porters18:34
mighty17lets hope they reply i already asked days ago18:35
RubenDeSmet[m]I don't know anything about porting, sadly :D18:35
RubenDeSmet[m]<mighty17 "lets hope they reply i already a"> Oh no :(18:35
RubenDeSmet[m]You could try again, giving some details about why you think touch is broken?18:35
mighty17my usb,bluetooth,terminal,browser is broke18:35
mighty17<RubenDeSmet[m] "You could try again, giving some"> rotation issue ig? like in there are minor changes18:35
mighty17`transformation_matrix = "1,0,0,0,1,0,0,0,1"`18:36
RubenDeSmet[m]As said, I have no clue about porting... #sailfishos-porters seems quite active right now, I think you could try again!18:36
RubenDeSmet[m]I know it doesn't help, but I used to run on a community port on the Moto Z Play (as in: user, not porter), and that didn't do any video playing either.18:38
mighty17<RubenDeSmet[m] "I know it doesn't help, but I us"> so well whats the use then?18:38
mighty17like offline media consumption?18:38
RubenDeSmet[m]I've got an official device now18:39
RubenDeSmet[m]not even offline videos worked18:39
RubenDeSmet[m]music worked great though18:39
mighty17<RubenDeSmet[m] "I've got an official device now"> sfos x?18:39
RubenDeSmet[m]Xperia 1018:40
mighty17<RubenDeSmet[m] "music worked great though"> yop but only music for a TABLET?18:40
RubenDeSmet[m]Moto Z Play was a huge phone18:40
RubenDeSmet[m]not a tablet :)18:40
mighty17mine is a tablet xD18:40
mighty17<RubenDeSmet[m] "not even offline videos worked"> offline works for me18:40
RubenDeSmet[m]Oh, yeh, you might want to get Youtube working on a tablet, that makes sense :)18:41
mighty17indeed xD18:41
mighty17or else there is basically no use18:41
mighty17all porting efforts go in vain18:42
Nico[m]I really like that community news update!21:01
Nico[m]And it even mentions Mister_Magister's work on url opening!21:01
Mister_Magisterit doesn't mention my work on multi cameras being picked up by mal :<21:02
Mister_Magisterhow disrespectful21:02
Nico[m]> This is a community update, and frankly we can’t always keep up with all the exciting stuff happening in the Sailfish community. Plus, the less of this we have to actually write ourselves the better. So please help us out by posting your Sailfish news updates to the forum as a reply to this post. We’ll collate as much of it as possible into one easily digestable post for the next update.21:02
Nico[m]Add it to the next update :321:02
attahat least you get mentioned (:21:03
malMister_Magister: not sure if that was actually written before I started doing it, or if the person writing that even knew about it, it's not like it's a well known thing21:03
Nico[m]I think it is a pretty good first update and I think the next one will have a lot more cool community stuff21:03
Mister_Magistermal: I'm joking, i'm joking21:04
Nico[m]I would love to see the PureMaps/PineTime cross over stuff mentioned for example21:04
Mister_Magisteram i this unfunny that noone gets my jokes?21:04
Nico[m]Mister_Magister: Oh, you joke sometimes! I thought you were just weird and resentful!21:04
Mister_Magistertbh i joke most of the time21:05
rubdosMister_Magister: main issue is the fact that the characters don't bring over sarcasm, that's a well known bug tracked on
rubdoscharacters being ASCII stuff, not "persons'>21:22
Mister_Magisteri know i know21:22
Nico[m]That's why people only communicate with voice messages in some cases!21:23
rubdosHey btw, good work on getting the URL stuff in. I've already got a tracking issue on Whisperfish that wants to use it ;o21:23
RubenDeSmet[m]Nico: I tend to just use a ton of emoji nowadays 🤪21:23
Nico[m]Well, the url stuff is not in yet, but it may be at some point21:23
rubdosRubenDeSmet[m] is my Matrix-alter-ego btw.21:23
rubdosNico[m]: I'm not going to depend on the URL stuff, but I *am* going to implement it!21:24
rubdosthere's[group_id] that I'd love to catch21:24
Nico[m]I figured, it's the same userid ;p21:24
RubenDeSmet[m]On Matrix it is :)21:24
RubenDeSmet[m]On the IRC side I'm RubenDeSmet[m]21:24
Nico[m]Mhm, true, I always forget about IRC21:25
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rubdosThere we go.21:25
rubdos[ma]I'm now rubdos[m2], that's closer.21:26
rubdos[ma](rubdos[m] is taken by my own matrix bridge)21:26
fridlis think some people here can fill up whole chat groups only with aliases ;-)21:27
rubdos[ma]Hey, three Belgians coming together is still legal. It'll be a problem after the fourth though.21:28
fridlbut they are still same family, so no problem at all :-P21:29
rubdos[ma]abranson: I'm gonna go with your advise and see whether I can still read contacts when I de-jail and use the permissions. Would you by accident have some example for that? Because I've never used it 😕21:29
rubdos[ma]<fridl "but they are still same family, "> I suppose, since it's four times the same person!21:29
rubdos[ma]s/permissions/privileged file/21:30
fridlYeah, so some kind of strange conversation then :-D21:30
abransonrubdos[ma]: rockpool has one, to load the calendar events21:41
rubdos[ma]<fridl "Yeah, so some kind of strange co"> You mean you don't talk to yourself? I have a bunch of Signal groups specifically for that!21:43
rubdos[ma]<abranson "Ruben De Smet: rockpool has one,"> Tnx, awesome!21:43
* Nico[m] has matrix rooms to keep notes for that too21:44
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