Saturday, 2021-02-20

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attahSo here is a noob question... was trying to build sailfish-office with sfdk, started pulling dependencies and compiling, but it seems the patches haven't gotten applied, what is the magic?15:26
malif you mean building using mb2 then use build -p15:34
malnot just build15:34
attahmal: this mb2 and sb2 stuff is like wisdom of the ancients... where are the docs for that?15:36
attahsfdk apply was the thing apparently15:37
attahthanks for the pointer15:37
malattah: use something like mb2 -s some.spec -t target_name build -p16:42
attahthanks, i'll try to remember for next time, i got it working with sfdk16:42
attahit would have been cool to figure out how to add calligraconverter to the build though... but getting nowhere fast16:43
malattah: also as a hint "mb2 --help"16:45
malattah: that has under build command "-p    run %prep phase as well"16:45
maland the %prep phase is where patching happens16:46
fridlIt's so cool, that U2F (e.g. with YubiKey) now works Plug-And-Play with the SF-Browser in 4.0. Thanks a lot to the responsible persons :-)18:26
Nico[m]Wow, that is cool!18:26
fridlYeah, it is :-) Now its time to buy a USB-C YubiKey, so I don't need the Adapter (on notebook and phone)18:28
attahwonder if a nfc ubikey would work18:44
fridlDoes not work with NFC. At least for U2F what I tried. But I don't even know if U2F is specified for NFC and if it works on any mobile device.18:51
fridlAt least I never figured out how this works ;-)18:51
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thigg[m]Is there anywhere documentation on the new IconMenuItem?21:39
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attahthigg[m]: doesn't look like it... but you can see the source in the IDE, and it's pretty concise21:50
thigg[m]you can see the source?21:51
attahsame as all the QML components pretty much21:51
attahctrl-click or F221:51
thigg[m]mh my ide does not recognize it...21:52
thigg[m]maybe i need to do some update...21:52
thigg[m](I know the command, it does not recognize IconMenuItem as type)21:52
attahif it's new and you're not up to date, that sounds reasonable21:52

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