Sunday, 2021-02-21

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sashikknoxwho can get me access to login on
malsashikknox: I can make the fix it's ok for you?14:14
sashikknoxmal: yes, dhoul be enough for me)14:15
sashikknoxmal: and make MR to SDL to 2.0.15 version, i was made patch to this version for using SDL2 with EGLContexft14:16
malsashikknox: there is no 2.0.15 release yet14:17
sashikknoxmal: maby add patch for now? now i just use statically buikt SDL2 in Quake 2 port, but with this patch i was able to deploy Quake 2 to Jolla Store )14:19
malsashikknox: ok, I can add a patch, we have some custom patch in sdl for wayland support and that won't be needed in 2.0.15 anymore14:20
sashikknoxmal: thanks a lot!14:20
malwondering how long it will be until 2.0.15 of sdl is released14:22
malsashikknox: should that openal fix work? didn't work when I tested it14:40
malsashikknox: hmm, I think you do not acquire audio resource in that?14:42
sashikknoxmal: i was built it yesterday,  and it work with GTA3 very nice. But i built last openal-soft sources,14:42
sashikknoxmal: i csn pack built libraries to tar.gz and attach in forum thread , thsn you can test it14:43
malsashikknox: that bug mentioned tuxracer but is that even using openal?14:43
sashikknoxmal: cant say now, but it should use openal as i remeber,14:44
sashikknoxmal: give me 15 minutes, i test it now14:45
malsashikknox: the volume control issue in tuxracer is probably because it doesn't acquire audio resource, when I changed volume it was saying it was changing ring tone volume which means it didn't know the app is playing audio14:46
sashikknoxmal: ok, i see it now, but i think SDL2 in sfos too built wrong, with alsa backend.14:47
sashikknoxmal: later try it with libaudioresource initialization,14:48
malsashikknox: any app for me to test volume control in openal?14:49
sashikknoxmal: now have only gta3 on me phone )) (binary with openal library, or maby h-craft , i find rpm)14:51
malthe openal altonegen at least worked fine for me14:51
sashikknoxmal: give me 5 minutes, i try test h-craft game with my openal14:53
malsashikknox: hmm, actually I was testing with newer openal, need to grab a device with older openal14:57
sashikknoxmal: ok, tested with h-craft game (just add LD_LIBRARY_PATH before run) - work well14:57
malsashikknox: with modified openal?14:58
malsashikknox: could you send me the rpm in private?14:58
sashikknoxmal: yes, with modified - work well, with system openal - cant make volume lower14:59
sashikknoxmal: yeah14:59
sashikknoxmal: where i can send RPM?14:59
malsashikknox: I sent you my email address15:01
swanuxDoes anyone has some ideas regarding this error?15:37
swanuxexternal/compat/input/ error: "libis_compat_layer (SHARED_LIBRARIES android-arm64) missing libskia (SHARED_LIBRARIES android-arm64)"15:37
swanuxAvailable variants:15:37
swanux  libskia (STATIC_LIBRARIES linux-x86_64)15:37
swanux  libskia (STATIC_LIBRARIES linux-x86)15:37
swanux  libskia (STATIC_LIBRARIES android-arm64)15:37
swanux  libskia (STATIC_LIBRARIES android-arm)15:37
malswanux: what are building?15:41
swanuxmal I'm building following the most recent HWA from sailfish, and for dipper with lineage 17.1 base15:47
malI mean which command exactly did you run when that happens15:50
swanux71I tried to build using make after breakfast command (halium and droidhal in the guide 5.4 or so)15:51
malyou mean make hybris-hal?15:52
swanux71Yes, and droidmedia15:53
maland you didn't accidentially run just make?15:54
swanux71No, I literally copied the command.15:54
malswanux71: did you remember to run the "hybris-patches/ --mb" ?15:56
swanux71Hm. The pdf didn't mention that. (I'm following it linearly, so it may be at the end?)15:57
malyeah, it's missing that15:58
malthat is only needed on some android bases15:58
malso run that and the breakfast again and try again15:58
swanux71OK, thanks for the advice! I'll try it.15:59
malalso #sailfishos-porters channel is more proper place for porting discussion16:00
swanux71You're right, thanks.16:00
malswanux71: also a small note, porting using hybris-17.1 branch is a bit more difficult than other bases because not all needed changes later on during porting have been written down16:02
swanux71You mean older bases are more convinient?16:03
malin some ways yes, only for the device configuration part of it, I have been cleaning up my hybris-17.1 changes so others can use those as example16:04
malmy device is currently the only one which has booted to UI using hybris-17.1 base, only very few others have tried yet, they are waiting for my instructions16:04
malmy device has everything except fingerprint support working so porting using 17.1 base in doable16:05
mal*is doable16:05
swanux71I see. I'll take your advice I guess, as I'm quite an amateur. May I ask what's your device / where can I see your work on it? (I figured it may be useful reference)16:06
malfairphone 3, so far only kernel changes are public, I'm hoping to push my adaptation repos later today16:07
malsashikknox_: I got volume control working using the newer openal also, I will add the fixes to next release16:08
x2soh, a lighthouse. That's nice!16:13

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