Thursday, 2021-02-25

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fdarlingI have a Sony Xperia 10 which can run Sailfish OS, but I would like to know if it'll work given that my carrier is Verizon. I tried Lineage OS and had some problems, I am not 100% sure if it's the ROM or if it's my user error in installing it, but the SIM card didn't seem to work as expected08:42
fdarlingI can of course flash it and just try it out, but I was hoping to first hear other people's experiences with Verizon08:43
albertuxhi all, I have a problem on xperiax and last release: I can't open any apps http links on browser...anyone have problem like this?09:17
mpolfdarling: does Verizon require VoLTE? Sailfish does not support that yet. You could ask here if unsure:
fdarlingmpol: if VoLTE were required but not available on Sailfish OS, would data still work?09:27
mpolyes, I would think so, but I am Dutch, and Dutch providers are quite different from US providers. I don't know really09:28
fdarlingmpol: thanks for answering me! I might just simply have to try it and see what happens. It was discouraging that LineageOS didn't work, as I thought that would only be more compatible than SailfishOS09:30
ThaodanLook for cdma support in Sailfish OS09:32
mpolthat already sounds very strange to me :) I don't understand anything about US providers. In the Netherlands I never heard about a sim not working, unless there is some hardware or software bug. That forum thread is a place where a lot of people from the US post and read.09:32
fdarlinghere are screenshots of LineageOS and the weirdness with the SIM card:
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frojndHi there.13:46
frojndAnyone using nextcloud with Sailfish OS? I'm having problem adding account on a SailfishOs I get: feb 25 14:39:38 Sailfish dbus-daemon[4452]: SailfishKeyProvider_storedKey(): error: no scheme or key found for provider/service13:47
frojndfeb 25 14:39:41 Sailfish estart[12172]: [D] unknown:0 - User info request returned userId "frojnd" for username: "frojnd"13:47
frojndfeb 25 14:39:41 Sailfish estart[12172]: [D] unknown:0 - calendar home path is empty, requesting user principal url13:47
frojndOops multiline13:47
frojndFeb 25 14:51:43 Sailfish estart[5881]: [D] onFailed:83 - failed to create account: Server response did not provide user details for specified username.13:52
ThaodanIs it installed in a subfolder? eg.
frojndYes I think so14:09
frojndAt least that's how I access it14:09
frojndI didn't configure it as subdomain14:09
frojndAny suggestions welcomed...14:15
frojndBut I must run now for cca 4 hours14:15
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frojndThaodan: any ideas why SailfishOS might not work with my nextcloud conf?17:54
fridlfrojnd: I'm for sure not an expert, but probably it could be worth to try to create a subdomain for NC and try that if it's possible for you.18:13
frojndfridl: I'm already using subdomain with so it's
frojndBut I can try and it will be nextcloud.subdomain.duckdns.org18:55
frojndOk I changed to let's see19:30
frojndThinkinf of it.. I should just use for simplicity :/19:31
frojndBut lets test first what I changed19:31
frojndHuh it worked..19:33
frojndI guess Sailfish OS really don't like subfolders but love subdomains19:34
frojndGood to know19:34
frojndThank you guys!19:34
Nico[m]I think subpath support was added at some point, but I don't think it is well tested, so it may have regressed?19:35
frojndHm this is my first time configuring nextcloud19:37
frojndLuckily everything is on dockers nowadays so it wasn't too big of a hassle19:37
Nico[m]Using a subdomain tends to work better for most stuff anyway19:37
frojndJust found a bug19:38
frojndI added a new event under nextcloud calender (before that I choose color orange for nextcloud calander)19:38
frojndI switched to different day and then back and now color is the same as outlooks calander19:38
frojndAlso under Manage calendars color is back to default hm19:39
frojndI love this OS,.. any tips on how can I most easily report a bug? Is there a jira ticketing service or smth similar?19:40
Nico[m]<frojnd "I love this OS,.. any tips on ho"> There is the forum and there is a bug tracker. I think usually you should report on the forum?19:42
frojndLike forum?19:43
frojndOh ok that simple great.19:43
ochernoI see it becomes a frequent pairing SFOS + Nextcloud19:45
ochernoNextcloud does provide many FOSS alternatives to cal,contacts,sharing,backup, etc....19:46
frojnd well no need to report19:51
frojndWell now I also have to setup VPN19:53
frojndWell is there an app I can track my gps stuff and then sync with nextcloud and see stuff later on a browser?20:06
frojndI gotta find usecases other than calendar and notes :P20:07
Nico[m]<frojnd "Well is there an app I can track"> I think so, yes20:21
Nico[m]<frojnd "I gotta find usecases other than"> backups?20:21
frojndBackups checked20:22
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