Friday, 2021-02-26

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noobneed help please05:11
noobi have sailfish os v4 on xperia 10 plus can't get it to switch off no matter what i do it restarts and open again05:11
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noobplease help i can't turn off thephone07:39
rubdos[ma]I made a Matrix community with a bunch of rooms that I know about. Let me know what I can still add.08:30
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olrubdos[ma] (IRC): Too late. Communities will be replaced with spaces very soon.13:24
Nico[m]<ol "Ruben De Smet (IRC): Too late. C"> Well, it will still take a few months13:25
rubdos[ma]I'll have to upgrade to Fedora 34 on my server for that then probably, just upgraded last week lol13:26
rubdos[ma]Ah well, I'll migrate my community to a space when it comes out. Thanks for sharing, didn't know about spaces!13:26
rubdos[ma]Oh private spaces13:26
rubdos[ma]that's useful!13:26
olFedora 34 is not released yet. And how is it related to Matrix spaces?13:27
Nico[m]<rubdos[ma] "Oh private spaces"> We did have tags for ages, Element just doesn't support them13:28
rubdos[ma]ol: because I'll probably need a new Synapse and Element in order to use them :'-)13:28
rubdos[ma]Nico: indeed. I knew about tags, but since I'm mostly in weechat-matrix and Element I didn't use them...13:29
olrubdos[ma] (IRC): And how is this related to Fedora 34?13:29
rubdos[ma]Because I'm hosting my Synapse on my Fedora server13:29
rubdos[ma]the Fedora-packaged Matrix-Synapse.13:30
olrubdos[ma] (IRC): Me too. Do you use my packages for that or ones from Fedora? Anyway, it doesn't matter because I have up-to-date packages fof Fedora 32 and 33, and Fedora has slightly older packages for Fedora 32, 33 and 34:13:33
rubdos[ma]Oh. I use the ones upstream13:33
rubdos[ma]I mean, the default ones :)13:33
rubdos[ma]Good to know that there's someone maintaining them for slightly older Fedora's too though13:34
rubdos[ma]I've just upgraded from 31 to 33 last week13:34
olI mean, exactly the same version for Fedora 32, 33 and 34. So, no need to upgrade to unreleased Fedora version: you won't get newer Synapse by doing this.13:34
olActually, it was a surprise for me today to discover that there are relatively up-to-date Synapse packages in Fedora. They were too outdated for a long time. If you look at the Koji page above, you can see huge gaps between versions, sometimes almost half a year without updates.13:38
olOn the other hand, there are no version gaps in my packages:13:40
olAnyway, we should probably move this discussion to
frojndrubdos[ma]: Aren't you the whisperfish main dev?13:57
rubdos[ma]ol: yeh, that's the main reason I upgraded to 33. I'm not going to an unreleased version for sure; I only mentioned 34 because I assumed that the new Spaces feature would only be available after 34 gets released. That's all.13:58
rubdos[ma]frojnd: absolutely.13:58
rubdos[ma](but please direct feature requests to /#whisperfish/ Gitlab ;D)13:59
frojndWell for starters how can I start testing it on 4 :)14:00
frojndAre there any SailfishOS devs present on irc? Afaik they would have to do something with the web engine in order for recaptcha to work14:02
rubdos[ma]frojnd: we really need to implement a workaround for the captcha on 4...14:07
rubdos[ma]It's basically the only bug on WF on 4.0 :)14:07
rubdos[ma]flypig_ promised they would look together with me and gamag (on #whisperfish) into the root cause, because both me and gamag spent about 10 hours digging into Gecko to see what's happening, with no avail.14:08
rubdos[ma]If you really really want to test it: you can install on a 3.4 and copy over the files ;-)14:08
rubdos[ma](it's a recent promise of them, and I've already nagged three times now, so I'm gonna go quiet for a few days ;p)14:10
rubdos[ma]And in other great news: Gabriel just announced he'd spend the next two weeks to get GroupV2 to work in the back-end that we use, which would make the back-end basically on feature-parity with Signal upstream, and this will trickle through to Whisperfish quite efficiently ^^14:15
frojndWow  great14:23
frojndI will wait a few days/week now and hopefully get to test it with GroupV214:24
frojndWill running in backend work/is working with the help of dbus?14:24
frojndCurrently Signal with microg is hit and miss... sometimes I don't get notifications untill I open Signal. I am putting lots of hopes on native app to resolve this annoying issue :P14:25
rubdos[ma]Quite sure you'll like Whisperfish then ;p14:47
rubdos[ma]Background mode is implemented in a hacky way, but it's supposed to work. I know that some of us are using it (I personally don't).14:48
rubdos[ma]GroupV2 will definitely be still a few weeks. Before that, we need to get a lot of stuff cleaned up from back in the 0.5 days. There'll basically be no original 0.5 code left in two weeks from now.14:49
attahI keep getting hit by inotify_add_watch(/tmp/sfdk-XZnhZE) failed: (No space left on device) when building18:49
attahWhat foes that actually mean? It's not like i'm out of disk....18:50
Nico[m]Is your inotify watch limit to low maybe?18:51
attah8192, is that low?18:51
Nico[m]Depends on how many files you have, I guess18:52
attahsaw some generic advice onlie to increase to 1048576... and that worked :P18:53
attahsystem administration by plzbro on irc, and satckoverflow18:54
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