Saturday, 2021-02-27

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Tominopenrepos seems to be down14:11
Nico[m]closedrepos then :D14:40
TominI guess it's time to make my app available on harbour ;)14:58
malTomin: is there something blocking it from being in jolla store?14:59
Tominmal: yes, library dependencies. I would need to see if can cut some dependencies out of guile to get it bundled but at the moment it's a no-go15:00
mallooks like openrepos is back online16:48
noobdoes anyone else here xperia 10 plus never shuts down17:58
nooband keeps restarting17:58
noobi asked from 2 days ago with no answer17:59
malnoob: if you want to force it off then press volume up and power buttons for 10 seconds18:23
rubdos[ma]noob: try "shutdown now" on console18:26
rubdos[ma]Wanted to answer two days ago, but you were already gone ;o18:26
noobso is it an option to stay aways on orwhat18:39
malit should not always stay on, it might be a bug18:48
nooboh i hope next update will fix it as the factory reset didn't work18:50

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