Sunday, 2021-02-28

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bionade24_Is there a way to delete a collection despite it's not owned by secrets-tool?18:51
bionade24_It makes absolutely 0 sense if there is no way to that :(18:55
emoo[m]hi all19:05
bionade24_emoo[m]: Hi19:06
emoo[m]i get server not found in browser19:07
emoo[m]"probably broken port"19:07
bionade24_emoo[m]: What are you trying to reach?19:08
emoo[m]<bionade24_ "emoo: What are you trying to rea"> google19:10
bionade24_emoo[m]: Then you're internet connection is broken. Probably has nothing to do with SFOS. Can you reach your local router webUI?19:12
emoo[m]<bionade24_ "emoo: Then you're internet conne"> nop19:13
bionade24_emoo[m]: What connection are you trying WLAN or Mobile Network?19:14
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emoo[m]<bionade24_ "emoo: What connection are you tr"> wlan21:28
emoo[m]as i said is old port21:28

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