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afotoshi, I'd like to know if there is any connectio between SailfisOS and Android. I mean is SailfishOS uses any part from Android? Why does is matter when I flash SailfishOS to a smartphone which Android version installed on it?10:21
Nico[m]It uses the drivers from the Android kernel, so those need to be compatible. Android updates can sometimes change those binary blobs on the device and such, iirc10:22
afotosAndroid kernel? Isn't linux the kernel?10:24
afotosBasically Android is a java virtual machine on it as I know.10:24
Nico[m]Well, Android patches their kernel, so it is not 1:1 compatible. Or at least the device vendors do10:25
afotosThese are the native application for Sailfishos?
afotosI'm asking these questions because I'd like to switch from Android and I want to be shure about my decision.10:27
Nico[m]Yes, those are native apps10:28
Nico[m]There are also some in the store, which you can't browse publically10:28
afotosAnd about how many percent os apk packages work on Sailfish OS?10:29
Nico[m]That depends on your device10:29
Nico[m]I feel like half of them or 70%?10:29
afotosI'm planning to bux a Sony Xpreria 10 or 10 Plus10:30
afotosbux = bux10:30
Nico[m]On that one quite a few work afaik10:30
afotosDo you have a better device recommendation?10:31
Nico[m]No, that one is probably the best currently10:33
afotosCan I try the system somehow on linux? In a vm or emulator?10:42
Nico[m]You can install the SDK and use the emulator, but that is very barebones and has no android support10:44
afotosI don't mind Android support for now10:45
afotosCan it use Xperia 10 Plus both cameras or better to stick with the simple 10 version?10:47
afotosBecause on a lot of p10:47
afotosplace I read just 10 and not mentioning 10 Plus10:48
Nico[m]Multiple cameras is still WIP10:48
afotosSometimes I see deb packages: and mostly I see rpm packages. Does SailfishOS uses both?10:51
Nico[m]No, sailfish uses RPM. The deps are for Meego and such10:53
afotosI see. I have three last questions. One is about my native language keyboard. Can I have hungarian keyboard? I mean for a letter like these:áőúüóöűí I don't have to long press and choose but I can see all of them on a keyboard.10:57
afotosHow can I use NAvigation with house numbers included?10:58
afotosI'm thinking on why the system is slower than Androin on Youtube videos, while it doesn't have to handle a virtual java machine with the same hardware?10:59
Nico[m]<afotos "I see. I have three last questio"> I believe there is one on openrepos11:03
Nico[m]<afotos "How can I use NAvigation with ho"> Uhh, I think so? I just use pure maps though11:03
Nico[m]<afotos "I'm thinking on why the system i"> In the vm? Probably no hardware acceleration there. It's fine on the phone imo11:04
afotosWhat device do you use? Because The Maps app is not included in and available for Sailfish X products and Jolla C11:07
Nico[m]Xperia X compact11:09
afotosI understand. Pure Maps from Openrepos11:13
Nico[m]I think it is in the store too, but I use the OR version11:14
afotosIs Pure Maps an online navigation becaus there is a note that : Offline mapping is possible by installing OSM Scout Server . Or it can be both?11:19
emoo[m]how do i uninstall old protonvpn11:21
emoo[m]nvm fixed11:25
afotosIf Russia developes apps for Aurora OS and Chinese developes for Harmony OS, does it means that Sailfish application base is growing?11:29
rubdos[ma]afotos: pure maps can do both. You'll need to configure it a bit though, and read the settings carefully.11:29
afotosrubdos[ma]: Excellent. Thanks11:30
rubdos[ma](can't answer the Aurora/Harmony question)11:31
rinigusafotos: after you install osm scout server and set it up (download maps mainly), switch between online and offline in pure maps is trivial. in the main menu, choose between online and offline profile.11:34
rinigussetting up osm scout server is explained at
afotosThank you11:40
afotosAs I see if I don't want Android support these 3 devices are still fine for Sailfish Os:
afotosSorry bad link:
rinigusafotos: can't tell about the status of the ports for these devices. you should check that first11:45
afotosThank you for your help11:48
emoo[m]is there other browser besided stock one11:48
Nico[m]<emoo[m] "is there other browser besided s"> yes11:48
emoo[m]and i need ppt viewer11:49
Nico[m]There is a full list of them11:49
Nico[m]<emoo[m] "and i need ppt viewer"> The documents app can do that11:49
emoo[m]<Nico[m] "The documents app can do that"> i dont have it11:49
Nico[m]It's installed by default on a device11:50
Nico[m]Or you can get it from the store11:50
emoo[m]<Nico[m] "It's installed by default on a d"> well i dont wana make an acc11:51
emoo[m]<Nico[m] "It's installed by default on a d"> unoffical port11:51
Nico[m]I see, then no idea11:53
emoo[m] * aight11:54
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Mister_Magisterhmm i seem to run out of space on obs17:08
Mister_Magisterthats new one17:08
malwhat are you building?17:11
Mister_Magistermal: node17:14
attahWho has been looking in to what is missing for plumbing in VoLTE? I'd like to pitch in if anything happens to be in my wheelhouse. Also "all bugs are shallow given enough eyeballs" and all that...18:56
attahSoooo, if some dependencies are supposed to exist but sfdk/mb2 says they don't... can i force a refresh somehow?20:09
Nico[m]<attah "Who has been looking in to what "> Isn't basically everything missing? :D21:10
attahSounded like some rough limits to "everything" was known...21:11
attahand just getting some insight on what it takes (plumbing-wise) to do normal calls, plus any known diffs to that would be helpful21:13
Nico[m]Hm, there were some notes on the last meeting, I think, otherwise no idea21:17
attahthat's basically the reason i'm asking21:17
Nico[m]Yeah, i figured, sorry, no other ideas here :D21:17
Nico[m]I'd just bother whoever supplied that answer from jolla either on IRC or via email :321:18
attahi won't pretend to be able to do any low-level witchcraft, but telecom is my day job.... so who knows, maybe i happen to have some skills that complement others21:20
Nico[m]I think there was a comment, that anyone working on this would be very appreciated :D21:21
rubdos[ma]The vibe I got from the VoLTE discussion was "it's a ton of work and nobody ever did VoLTE in the open"21:22
Nico[m]Oh, yeah, the docs issues...21:22
Nico[m]I could add 200€ to the bug bounty :p21:23
attahwell, the actual volte specs are open... the qualcomm interface, not so much21:23
attahbut it's not reasonable that the OS would have to do actual protocol stuff.. so i'm thinking plumbing... but knowing is better than speculating21:24
attahi guess i will ping some people tomorrow or so...21:26

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