Friday, 2021-03-05

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frojndggabriel: I still can't search contacts./..08:32
frojndggabriel: in journalctl I just see lines like: Mar 05 09:33:37 Sailfish kernel: binder: 6666 RLIMIT_NICE not set, every 3 or so seconds08:34
frojndBut when I tap on search no new logs..08:34
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ggabrielfrojnd: :/ sorry to hear - I would grep the journal for "contact" and see if you get any startup error or similar. Do you have local or sync'd contacts?09:08
frojndErm a few days back I added nextcloud account09:35
frojndI can try and disable it..09:35
frojndI also use Microsoft outlook app and there I checked one way sync for contacts server -> my phone09:36
frojndBut that was like 2 years ago09:36
x2suh, the nextcloud thing...09:36
x2sI've added a nextcloud account for backuping my data as well. And it's configured to not sync anything. The backup option is to backup at midnight. After midnight the nextcloud accounts starts to backup every 15 minutes.09:37
ggabrielfrojnd: nothing I could help to reproduce tbh...09:39
frojndI've disabled sync on nextcloud still to no avail09:39
ggabrielx2s: probably worth reporting this in the forums (unless it's reported already)09:40
ggabrielfrojnd: you can do `systemctl-user restart contactsd` as root and see if it complains in the logs09:40
frojndI don't know if i'ts nextcloud I've also isntalled some patched calendar since when you have 2 calendars colors won't persist09:41
frojndggabriel: let me try that09:41
ggabrielinstalling patches could certainly mess things up, for sure09:41
ggabrielat least it doesn't give us a known baseline09:41
frojndAnd then I've installed: buteo-sync-plugin-caldav-0.1.75-1.armv7hl.rpm09:43
x2sggabriel: I refuse doing bug reports in a forum. There are tools for handling bug reports and a forum isn't the right place to do so.09:43
frojndLet me revert and see if that's the culprint09:43
frojndBut first I will try command09:43
ggabrielx2s: well, it is the way if you want your issue resolved, unless somebody else raises it for you *shrug*09:45
ggabrielfrojnd: fwiw, I don't think my calendar colours are "lost" after sync, then again, i don't care too much about colours09:46
ggabrielalso, I don't know what a "custom colour" is, I thought colours were somewhat all known by now :P09:47
x2sggabriel: I just work around it. The backup is only relevant for updates and it doesn't even include things I expected, like apps, their config, images, etc.09:48
frojndggabriel: I don't see anything unusual after restarting contactsd:
ggabrielx2s: backups are indeed a bit flaky, yes, I tried to restore one and didn't work, so I just tar all the home as root, which works every time09:49
frojndggabriel: not custom but your chosen color :)09:50
ggabrielsailfish-eas[5006]: [EAS] [5006]: 05 Mar 2021 10:47:45 +0100 , 0: No timestamp in DB for locally deleted item: "de37f751-9202-4c70-bbeb-ceb20dd5e42e"09:50
ggabrielthat's unusual, can't recall seeing it myself, I wonder if it's related09:50
frojndLet me remove that patch revert to original calendar and see if I get the same09:51
ggabrielfrojnd: if you have another device, I would start from a freshly flashed state to figure out if the problem is with your programs/data or with sfos itself. I certainly cannot reproduce09:51
* ggabriel afk09:52
frojndWell I guess I can't revert back?
frojndggabriel: no this is my only device09:54
frojndI've disabled 2 way sync in nextcloud and rebooting device09:58
frojndSee if it's related to the nextcloud sync09:58
frojndBtw ggabriel do you use nextcloud?09:58
ggabrielfrojnd: you would need to force install... at your own risk10:51
ggabrieland yes, I use nextcloud, but my contacts "master" is the local database10:52
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frojndHow can I force install? what's the flag14:14
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ggabrielfrojnd: ask `man pkcon` or `man rpm` on the internet :) normally -f but I don't remember15:20
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