Thursday, 2021-03-04

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frojndHi there08:31
frojndMy XA2 went into some sorf ot weird state after I plugged it to power08:31
frojndI see whie/pinkish led08:31
frojndBlack screen08:31
frojndUnplugged cable tried to hold for 15 seconds didn't reboot or poweroff08:32
frojndLed keeps on08:32
frojndAny ideas how can I restart/poweroff xa2?08:34
frojndOk I tried volup + power for a few seconds and I got 3 vibrations and led stopped08:36
frojndWhat the heck was that08:36
frojndI notced a few days ago taht I could'nt search for contacts08:36
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ggabrielfrojnd: hard to say without logs... you can try to set your journal to persistent for the next time it happens, and you'll be happy if it never happens again :)09:37
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