Wednesday, 2021-03-03

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x2sHas someone got calendar sync over nextcloud running? I tried to but I get an error (sadly no log data, a shame). Contacts dont seem to work either. But a backup worked, so the connection is up and running13:53
fridlmuex2s: Multiple reports have been seen with problems when using it with nextcloud in a subfolder like but connectes successfully when using a subdomain for nextcloud. Do you have any chance to try that?13:57
ggabrielx2s: yes, here13:57
ggabrielbut are you looking for calendar sync or contacts sync? :)13:57
ggabrielcalendar is flawless, contacts only seems to sync the newly created ones, backup I never tried13:57
x2sfridlmue: I have a dedicated subdomain14:00
ggabrielx2s: you mean like
x2sand I used both, the nextcloud account and also tried to create a caldav/carddav account. Both times the calendar gave an error and the contacts seems to sync once and that's it.14:01
x2sggabriel: exactly.14:01
ggabrielx2s: sfos version?14:01
x2sMy own server does get set up properly :)14:01
x2snewest stable14:01
ggabrielx2s: works perfectly for me tbh14:02
ggabrielwell, I would want sfos to syncall my 600+ contacts, but that's another story (what I want != whta's provided)14:02
ggabrieldid you get an A on nextcloud test?14:02
x2snextcloud test?14:03
x2s(Sync works with korganzier and kaddressbook fine, btw. So it's not the fault of nextcloud or at least it shouldn't be)14:04
ggabrielsettings->overview->"our security scan"14:04
ggabrielx2s: those programs may have hacks to work around certain bugs that sfos may not have14:04
ggabrielok, one other thing I tweaked was that I enabled pretty URL's, but not sure how that would be related to anything14:05
ggabrielotherwise, I created deleted and created again the nextcloud accound on the phone with user, password and URL - that was it14:08
ggabrielerm s/created// :P14:10
* ggabriel wonders what's wrong with the keyboard today14:10
x2sggabriel: thanks for the hint I fixed some issues with nextcloud. Now when I don't get interrupted anymore I will try again with connecting to it14:51
x2smaybe the .well-known redirects were the problem14:52
ggabrielthe .well-known is often a problem that is worked around too much, yeah14:52
ggabrielgood luck14:52
x2syeah, that worked :)15:13
x2sAnd I get an A+ for the security rating15:13
x2sggabriel: thank you!15:21
ggabrielwell done, I don't know why it complains with me about some cookie thingy that I don't care about too much15:22
ggabrielanyway, yeah, i noticed that sfos is very strict with the protocol (or you have to specify calendar URL, like I used to do when this started)15:22
x2sI sadly can't help you with the cookie thing, I have not that insight into either nextcloud nor the account setting for sfos.15:25
x2sBut yes, nextcloud wants to set a cookie for the browser. But cookies for webdav are ridiculous15:26
ggabrielnah, don't worry, not for this channel anyway. It's a good puzzle to solve one day15:41
ggabrielmy only issue with sfos is contacts birthdays but not many folks seem to be willing to try to reproduce *shrug*15:41
x2scontacts birthday seem to work fine for me15:47
ggabrielx2s: with new local contacts? or existing ones?15:50
ggabrielso, the test case is: create 2 new local contacts consecutevely, only the last one will show up in the calendar15:51
ggabrielah, ok, somebody else has this issue, too, in the forums :) hopefully somebody will fix (I think it's in closed source bit of the code)15:53
x2sggabriel: does local contact mean local local or sync ones as well?16:20
ggabrielx2s: I haven't tried it with a sync'ed contact, but I meant going into the People application, create etc16:23
ggabrielactually, I'll try with a nextcloud created one to see what happens16:23
ggabrielthey don't even sync :) ah, that's a problem for another day16:29
KrumpliHello, Can you tell me on whic device do you use SailfishOS 4?16:36
ggabrielKrumpli: jolla c, Xx, Xxa216:38
Krumpliggabriel Thanks16:38
KrumpliWill ever SailfishOS use hardware acceleration?16:38
ggabrielerm, it does already?16:39
KrumpliThen I don't understan why the apps opens slower than the apps on android16:41
ggabrielyou're comparing strawberries and potatoes16:42
KrumpliNo. I'm comparing an os which opens native apps with another os which opens apps faster in a java virtual machine uses the same hardware.16:44
Nico[m]Android precompiles the app launches and most apps still show a splash screen forever16:45
Nico[m]They also don't start the jvm from scratch, so...16:45
Nico[m]While Sailfish has to interprete the Qml files first16:45
ggabrielKrumpli: you cannot compare two completely different programs on two completely different os's if you ask me16:46
KrumpliMy idea was that apple could reach faster functionality with weaker hardware than android. That is where I'm coming from16:49
Nico[m]Well, you probably can with Sailfish too, if you throw as much money at it as Apple does16:52
Nico[m]And the Apps I use are pretty fast, they just sometimes take a second to load16:52
Tominthey are currently slow because they are not boosted "Sandboxing prevents the use of boosters and QML pre-compilation, with a performance penalty we’re working to avoid."17:47
Nico[m]Oh, that makes sense :D17:47
ggabrieltbh, if you use sfos 1 on a jolla 1 you'll think twice about performance/ux/etc. Features reduce performance, ux that is more like android/ios also reduce effectiveness of interaction17:51
Nico[m]Well, jolla1 also has no sandboxing :D17:52
ggabrielno sandboxing, no i18n, original ux, a lot of things evolved for better and some for worse17:53
x2sggabriel: well, the nextcloud account is complicated. I configured it to do every 15 min a sync and now it does every 15 min a backup...18:06
ggabrielx2s: maybe that counts as a sync, too; perhaps it's a feature to report18:18
ggabrielmake sure it didn't auto configure a backup every 15 minutes in settings->backup18:19
attahI have the issue where the last tag overrides the version in the rpm spec, what can i do?18:44
x2sggabriel: in the backup I told it to do a daily one19:03
x2sggabriel: I will fight with it tomorrow further.19:04
attahI feel like such a poser... there was a guide to resize the root partition to take up some unused space, or did i dream that?19:35
ggabrielattah: in tjc? it's lvm, so it should* be doable treating sfos as normal linux, right? do you have that unused space?19:36
attahggabriel: all i seem to find is some old guide starting with reducing home... but i could have sworn there was a mention of some unused android-convention something19:37
attahAfter all the supposed partition sizes sums to more like 10 than 1619:38
ggabrielattah: reducing home sounds a bit more realistic, but that may be encrypted so you would need a few extra steps19:38
ggabrielyeah but there's the obscure android/google stuff, too, right?19:39
attahi thought that was the root... but this just proves how little i actually know after 7 years19:40
ggabrieldepends on device, too19:40
Nico[m]Yeah, you should be able to reuse the second system partition19:41
attahalso nevermind about the summing diff... the gui is confusing19:41
attahNico[m]: bingo!19:41
attahgot any pointers?19:42
Nico[m]But no, I would have to google it :D19:43
ggabrielattah: I notice that there are unused sectors :)19:43
Nico[m]But I think I saw a guide once19:43
attahThat is the second such response i have gotten in my life (;19:44
attahi seem to recall that too, but can't find anything19:46
attahggabriel: enough to be useful? and how might i be able to do that?19:48
Nico[m]I found myself asking for that20:05
attahdoesn't help me, with calligra wanting some 800+ MB20:07
attahbut it claims taht is out of an available 344, not the 533 i have on root20:07

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