Friday, 2021-03-12

malelros1: you mean /usr/lib/oneshot.d/browser-move-data-to-new-location ?00:01
malelros1: hmm, what is that ~/.local/share/org.sailfishos/sailfish-browser/ location, the old location in that script is $HOME/.mozilla/mozembed00:02
elros1mal: I am talking about this bug: After upgrade I didn't have bookmarks and last opened sites00:03
elros1 I had bookmarks.json sailfish-browser.sqlite  ~/.local/share/org.sailfishos/sailfish-browser/00:05
malelros1: how did you update the device00:09
malI mean directly from 3.4.0 -> 4.0.1?00:09
malwondering how those ended up in that location00:17
malbecause the old location should have been that mentioned in the script00:17
elros1you mean that I should have bookmarks.json and sailfish-browser.sqlite in ~/.mozilla/mozembed/ in when I was on sfos 3.4.0?00:20
elros1here is thte only place I can find my location:
malelros1: the issue was that the internal app name in the code was renamed00:30
elros1yeah I have noticed that.00:32
elros1but I still can't find anycode which will move form one location to another00:33
elros1move bookmarks*00:33
malthere is none00:46
malit's really a bug00:46
elros1ah ok. Thanks00:51
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rinigusstrange. on OBS, I cannot use python3-devel as a dependency. it is not able to fetch python-rpm-macros and few other packages. see
malrinigus: yes,  a known issue, you need to build python3 there with some magic in project config12:25
malrinigus: last 3 lines here to you project config and then just add python3 in the same project12:25
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rinigusmal: thanks. will try your solution if my hack will not work. I am trying to go around it and just inject .py file in the build as it is used for build only12:26
malrinigus: I doubt other ways work, my way is the fix for that12:28
malwell some terrible hacks my work12:28
rinigusmal: as it is just a single .py, I will probably use my hack and cp it to the correct location during build. seems to work in my case, but would have to test more12:31
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LacikaHi, can you show me a source where I can find information about supported device. I'd like to know what functions on a Xperia 10 working.23:12
LacikaI'm thinking something like this:
malLacika: most things work, this has a list of known issues in the "Known issues specific to Xperia 10" section
Lacikamal Thank you. Can you reommend a tablet?23:24
malnot really, I have only old tablets which I don't use much23:27

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