Saturday, 2021-03-13

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riniguswhat did groff do to get into mer-core-attic. sad for it13:46
malrinigus: that does it do?13:50
rinigusits dependency in rrdtool13:50
rinigusmal ^13:50
attahseems to be some test-to-ps/pdf thingy?13:51
rinigusprobably used for docs though13:51
attahmaybe this is how to print plaintext... (:13:52
rinigusattah: maybe :)13:52
malrinigus: can't you disable docs13:52
malthat seems to suggest disabling docs would help13:52
rinigusmal: yes, looks possible.13:53
malrinigus: --disable-docs when configuring13:54
rinigusmal: will test13:54
malrinigus: hmm, your spec has that13:55
rinigusmal: but it has groff as requirement. I will try to drop that13:55
attahwut, it doesn't even recognize form feeds13:55
malrinigus: for style, maybe use %make_build and %make_install in spec13:57
rinigusmal: my first packages for sfos .... although, not sure if my style improved :)13:57
malrinigus: also we don't use Group tag in spec in sailfish13:58
rinigusmal: those are probably taken from fedora.13:58
malyeah, those don't matter but we have removed those in sfos packaging13:59
rinigusas long as it works, should be ok. don't expect it is gonna make it to mer-core anyway13:59
rinigusmal: yes, dropping groff requirement was sufficient - it was not used with docs disabled14:06
malrinigus: also it might be nicer to use pkgconfig based build dependencies when possible14:10
rinigusmal: yes, that's true. have learned it as well14:11
elros1can anyone confirm that in 4.0.1 sailfish-browser crash on many sites or this is some device specific issue? One example is: which crash browser straaightaway before it even loads16:01
attahelros1: loads fine here16:21
elros1thanks so it's my device16:21
attah3.4 seemed a little more crashy to me, and now it's back to better than the old normal16:22
malelros1: which device is that?16:35
elros1ancient moto photon q16:35
Sailor10618elros1: No confirmation, does not crash, site loaded without issues - XA2 - 4.0.117:19

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