Tuesday, 2021-03-16

juhajOuch! Now I'm getting disk IO errors from jolla-settings...00:06
juhajMaybe time.to buy a new phone? But which one?00:06
Nico[m]Don't break it!00:07
juhajIs there a way to mark vlocks bad in the emmc? Like hard disks of old :)00:07
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dcalisteGood evening chriadam08:00
chriadamhi dcaliste08:00
chriadamhow are you today?08:00
dcalisteI'm great thank you. I wish the same for you.08:01
chriadamyep, doing ok, thanks08:01
chriadamhowever, I haven't had time to progress any of your PRs from last meeting, unfortunately08:02
chriadamthis coming week I will be able to.08:02
dcalisteNo worries. I've started to work on the in-depth review of QMF from flypig.08:02
chriadamnor have I had time to look into flypig's review comments on my QMF PRs08:02
dcalisteA great deal of work from him, thanks a lot flypig !08:03
dcalisteI think I should be able to finish dealing with all the comments later this week.08:03
flypigThanks dcaliste; nothing compared to the work you both put in to fixing things in the first place.08:03
dcalisteI've done one third last week.08:03
chriadamyes, thanks flypig, your reviews as always are thorough and much appreciated.08:04
flypigAs you know, I can't +2, someone else will have to do that.08:05
chriadamI will +2 dcaliste's changes, and maybe blam or pvuorela_ can +2 mine, when we get to the point where we're happy to trying merging08:05
flypigOkay, great.08:06
chriadamgiven the fact that I haven't been able to spend any time on this stuff for the last week, I don't really have anything else to discuss.  I guess on my plate from last week are still:08:07
chriadamand checking / modifying google+exchange to match caldav now for JB#5347508:07
dcalisteYep, I didn't work much on oher MRs also, mainly trying to advance on flypig's comments in QMF.08:08
chriadamflypig: have you had a chance to check that buteo-syncfw one at all?08:08
flypigI'm sorry; I still have dcaliste's buteo PR and fingerterm PR outstanding.08:09
chriadamall good, just checking ;-)08:11
chriadamI will review+test+merge that caldav one, and look into the google+exchange thing, hopefully before next meeting.  I will also try to get to the QMF review stuff.08:12
dcalisteWhen you have a MR for Google part, I can review it and comment if necessary.08:12
chriadamthank you08:12
dcalisteYou'll see, the main change is to remove lines ;)08:12
chriadamalways nice to see in a PR!08:13
dcalisteThe only thing that requires attention is that the calendar object should not change, or at least the flag not to change the last modified date time should be set for every new calendar object.08:13
chriadamwas there anything else to discuss this week?  oh, flypig, did you want a summary of dcaliste's contributions for the last couple of weeks, for the forum post?08:14
dcalisteBut I guess it's like in the CalDAV plug-in, there is only one calendar for all notebooks and operations.08:14
chriadamI assume so, but that's a good note to check08:15
flypigI added dcaliste's text from last week for last Thursday. That was great, and I hope you were happy with it too dcaliste? Thank you.08:15
chriadamah great08:16
dcalisteSure flypig, thank you.08:16
flypigSince it's fortnightly, the next one won't go out until next week. If there's enough already to talk about then by all means share now, otherwise it can wait until next Tuesday.08:16
dcalisteBy the way, the latest MR in upstream calligra for the crash with ApB document has now been accepted.08:16
chriadamah excellent!08:16
dcalisteI'm going to update the "update to latest upstream" MR in SailfishOS to include this one also.08:17
chriadamI guess pvuorela_ will handle that PR08:20
dcalisteYes I think so. So let's meet again next week with advances on QMF front I guess and hopefully from my side a first draft to disable alarms for given calendar in UI.08:21
chriadamah!  sounds good!  thanks08:22
chriadamI hope you have a great week08:22
chriadamand thanks again for your efforts and contributions.08:22
* chriadam -> away, good night08:22
dcalisteThank you too.08:22
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juhajHuzzah! Last night's trouble solved. Reinstall of a number of packages was required in the end. And restoring the full backup: for some unknown reason, restoring just Accounts didn't quite work. But it was a hack anyway :)23:54

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