Monday, 2021-03-15

Thaodanthe last commit is a fixup commit please smash that00:41
Thaodan(see man git-rebase 1)00:42
ThaodanAlso $* is no replacement for $@00:45
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juhajHi! After updating to, my google account stopped syncing. Tried to recreate it but it cannot be deleted! Ideas?14:40
ggabrieljuhaj: "cannot be deleted" -> can you get to the journal/log? do you see anything when trying to delete it? have you got any non sailfish stuff installed?15:05
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juhajYes. And sorry log the lag - office hours. A small paste from journal follows...17:28
juhaj15 17:25:40 Sailfish dbus-daemon[5708]: dbus-daemon[5708]: [session uid=100000 pid=5708] Activating service name='
juhajsSSO.SingleSignOn' requested by ':1.2237' (uid=100000 pid=5792 comm="booster [silica-qt5]                             ")17:28
juhajMar 15 17:25:40 Sailfish jolla-settings[5792]: Rollback failed17:28
juhajMar 15 17:25:40 Sailfish jolla-settings[5792]: _ag_manager_exec_query: runtime error while executing "SELECT key, type, value FROM Settings W17:28
juhajHERE account = 51 AND service = 22": database disk image is malformed17:28
juhajMar 15 17:25:40 Sailfish dbus-daemon[5708]: dbus-daemon[5708]: [session uid=100000 pid=5708] Successfully activated service '
ggabrielthat looks ugly17:29
ggabrielif you have a full /home backup, I would restore that (unless you can find that db), or just reflash. If it happened to me, I would probably try to locate the db and restore from backup17:30
ggabrielnot sure it's update related, fwiw17:30
ggabrieldo you see any IO errors in the journal or dmesg?17:31
juhajThe only other error I see are18:25
juhajsignonsessioncore.cpp 387 startProcess Error occurred while getting data from credentials database.18:25
juhaj(many times)18:25
juhajh lipstick[6318]: [W] unknown:23 - file:///usr/share/lipstick-jolla-home-qt5/notifications/NotificationPreview.qml:23:18:25
juhajTypeError: Cannot read property 'previewSummary' of null18:25
juhaj(twice in a row, but nowhere else)18:26
juhajh lipstick[6318]: [W] unknown:23 - file:///usr/share/lipstick-jolla-home-qt5/notifications/NotificationPreview.qml:23:18:26
juhajTypeError: Cannot read property 'previewSummary' of null18:27
juhajWell... google has been misbehaving for months but not this badly, so I suspect my backups have the issue, too - unless I go a year back or something (mnot sure what's the oldest I retsin)18:28
juhajSo preferably fix the db (or just remove?) if you can help me find it... attach strace to the jolla-settings process?18:29
ggabrielI wouldn't know I'm afraid :( perhaps you can share this in the forums, maybe some sailor can help you better than me. I'm suspecting that your db is corrupted somehow18:31
juhajOuch... I have a week old backup only... forgot that I cleaned up old ones prior to
juhajAnother question: how do I get all proper utils like ps, top, etc back and busybox... out?18:35
Nico[m]For most of those there are packages you can install, iirc, but I forgot what they were called :D18:36
ggabrielI thought top, ps are already in busybox_18:41
juhaj~/.local/share/system/privileged/Accounts/libacco6nt-glib/accounts.db looks like the file - based on strace18:46
juhajggabriel: I don't want the stripped-down busybox versions which don't behave "normally"18:46
ggabrielah, that's a different question :)18:47
ol<juhaj "Another question: how do I get a"> zypper in procps-ng18:50
juhajol: Thanks.20:15
juhajSo never had to restore a backup before: can I just restore a single file (that db)?20:16
Nico[m]<juhaj "So never had to restore a backup"> Potentially, if you untar it, find the file and put it in the right place :320:16
oljuhaj (IRC): There are more busybox utilities that can be replaces by real packages. Use "rpm -q -a busybox-symlinks-*' for the full list.20:17
juhajCurious, the backup is called ".*.tar.gz" but it is not gzipped :)20:18
juhajol: Thanks again20:18
juhajHm... the accounts.db file is NOT in the backup...20:19
juhajSo I guess recovering a single file is not an option :(20:20
Nico[m]<juhaj "Curious, the backup is called "."> It used to be20:20
juhajAll the account data sits in a file called Accounts/blobs/accounts.dump inside the backup. But it's not a file one can restore, it is a list of what looks liek dconf entries, for everything20:24
Nico[m]Well, would have been nice, if it was an sql dump :D20:25
juhajWell, then I would have needed to stop whatever is using the db before restore...20:34
juhajHm... I created a new tarball from the existing backup, containing just the Accounts directory of the existing backup. Let's see what happens... :)21:27
Nico[m]And now everything is broken? :D21:28
juhajBugger. Now I have two accounts of "imap" and "google" type - nothing else got duplicated, just two out of five. And ag-tool list-accounts "Could not stat accounts privilege directory" with devel-su :(21:28
juhajNothing is more broken than before, though21:28
juhajNice, ag-tool: ** (process:17417): WARNING **: 21:35:05.486: ag_manager_store_local_sync: database disk image is malformed21:35
juhajI did rm /home/nemo/.local/share/system/privileged/Accounts/libaccounts-glib/accounts.db (or mv to a different name, really) and restored again: now ag-tool complains about "Error initializing DB: disk I/O error" and Settings app shows no accounts. Not good21:39
juhajDarn. This is why text data is to be kept in text files.21:43
juhajHehe. Now there aren't even any account providers available.21:44
juhajOk, that's because somehow permissions were root.root for files in /home/nemo/.local/share/system/privileged/Accounts/libaccounts-glib/21:56
juhajFixing that brings back the list of providers - and notification that my two email accounts need to be updated, but Settings -> Accounts is still empty :(21:57
juhajMore weirdness: after starting email app, the accounts are back in settings->accounts. The only trouble with google now is that "Email services can be enabled for this account after installing the Email app from the Jolla Store" -- but it IS installed...22:00
juhajAnd the other email account does not work either22:01
ggabrielbut is the accounts.db sounds now? or is it still broken?22:35
juhajIt does not complain22:37
juhajBut the imap account cannot login :(22:37
ggabrielso if you open it with sqlite3 you can see the schema and issue a .dump without errors?22:37
juhajHow do I do that?22:40
juhajI deleted the imap account and created a new one: it cannot connect to the server?!?22:40
ggabrielfrom a terminal, `sqlite3 /path/to/accounts.db`22:40
ggabrielyou may need to install sqlite3 though22:40
juhajMaybe related: Mar 15 22:39:22 Sailfish estart[31879]: [W] unknown:-1 - file:///usr/share/accounts/ui/EmailCryptoSection.qml: File not found22:41
ggabrielI don't seem to have that file either (but can't find that warning in the journal)22:43
juhaj"Could not create account" "Problem with connecting to incoming ail servre. Please check ..." But at the same time I can "nc" to the mentioned server and port just fine22:46
ggabrielcan't think of anything tbh :(22:49
juhajI straced jolla-settings but unfortunately it never even attempts to connect to any AF_INET socket - looks like it's telling some other process (signond?) to do that22:50
juhajNo, that doesn't do it either22:51
juhajWel... not the one already running anyway22:51

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