Saturday, 2021-03-20

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bionade24jmlich: #sailfishos-porters09:59
bionade24How can I tell SilicaListView to not lap over the PageHeader?12:29
attahbionade24: puttinhg the PageHEader *inside* the SilicaListView12:30
bionade24attah: Thx12:32
bionade24Now my contextMenu doesn't pop up under an entry, but over the entry. How can I let them pop up under them?12:57
attahI'm no expert... but you probably broke sizing (height) somehow13:01
attahwhat is your delegated type?13:01
bionade24attah: ListItem13:02
attahi think that depending on what you contain in it, you may need to set height13:02
attahsee the link i sent before, for what "works for me"(tm)13:03
bionade24attah: I removed my height and width settings for ListItem and now it works. Thx!13:03

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