Sunday, 2021-03-21

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attahpiggz: do you have a minute?10:31
piggzattah: go on10:34
attahso, since i know you print stuff with non-default settings... i wanted to pick your brain on saving defaults10:35
attahIt turned out to be quite easy to do... but the defaults one would want are probably different between docs and images10:36
attahI currently have an explicit action in the pulley to "Save default settings", since i'm not quite a fan of automagically remembering lat job's settings10:37
attah...but it would have to be extended to something like "Save default settings (images)" "Save default settings (documents)" depending on what you are printing10:38
attahfeels a bit clumsy... would it work for you, and do you have any ideas on how it could be better?10:38
piggzit could still be a single menu item, depending on the current doc type10:40
attahyeah, that's what i'm thinking, but to explicitly indicate which one it actually is10:41
piggzsure, sounds ok10:42
attahokay :) so i'll start that way then and see what happens10:43
attahI will drop the force raster option with this, and i'm thinking about dropping "always use media-col", or do you think that one is still needed?10:45
piggzattah: hmm, not sure ... was media-col what i needed for my printer?10:55
attahI'm not 100%, it is used to convey zero margins, and that you definitely needed/wanted (and i'm not going to change that part)10:56
attahDo you have that setting selected now?10:58
piggzattah: ill have to do some testing later11:00
attahor maybe i should just not touch it, since most of the logic is the same for "merging" zero margins with media11:02
attahbut would be interesting to know, and global settings for such things are pretty iffy11:02

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