Tuesday, 2021-03-30

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RobbsterHi all, I hope that this is the right place for this question: I'm updating sailfishX (XperiaX) from -> and I get a message that I need up uninstall a lot of packages including jolla-contacts, jolla-email, ... . Doesn't seem right. Did anyone have a similar experience?17:10
malRobbster: check the release notes, it mentions https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/release-notes-koli-4-0-1/4542 in section known issue - generic17:15
malunless you have some packages listed in the section "Notification concerning apps from Open Repos" you should be safe to continue17:16
malRobbster: so read those sections in release notes to be sure you don't have any problematic packages installed17:17
Robbster@mal, I have some packages from open repos, but not many. I've stayed away from patches to UI/UX. Thanks for the pointers, checking that out now.17:19
Robbsteromg, I've forgotten how to irc.17:20
* Robbster hangs head a shame.17:20
juhajSince, calendar no longer updates the events in a google calendar until the app itself is started so if I don't start the app, the eventsview will never show calendar events that have been added elsewhere since last app stop.20:36
juhajIs this known and is there a workaround?20:36
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