Wednesday, 2021-03-31

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SailBrHello people, someone can help me? how I clean cookies and history from the embedd browser of SFos?12:17
ggabrielSail0r: in settings->apps->browser, and there is the settings option via the "burger menu" in the browser itself12:24
kirvesAxeggabriel, SailBr left 73 seconds after asking :)12:36
ggabrielshame on them12:39
ggabrieloh, there's a 0/B situation here12:39
ggabrielsorry Sail0r12:40
Sail0rno worries12:40
ggabrielI did wonder "but I'm sure Sail0r knows better"12:41
kirvesAxeWell for a helpdesk-ish channel, it is better to give proper instructions to the wrong person than not to give instructions at all :)12:51
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Mister_MagisterKabouik: ping16:25
martin__Hi! I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 and wonder if someone has done the task of making an image ready?19:36
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malQuigonJr: usually #sailfishos-porters channel is better for questions about porting to different devices20:05
QuigonJrThanks! Posted there also20:06
malare you sure you went to correct channel? I don't see anything there20:08

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