Thursday, 2021-04-01

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IngwiePhoenix[m]Where do I find the core Sailfish developers? I would love to see if Sailfish could eventually support screen magnification for visually impaired people. From all the videos I saw of Sailfish, there is no settings in regards to that.09:30
Nico[m]I think the forum is a good place for such suggestions. The devs sometimes read here, sometimes in the forum, but in the forum it is easier to find and comment on ;-)09:42
IngwiePhoenix[m]Fair point. :) Thanks!10:16
bionade24I can't store a ListModel in a ConfigurationValue even though it claims to be storing a variant, can I ?10:54
bionade24Ânyone here with Configurationgroup/ConfigurationValue experience. I fail with both ListModel and arrays as value.12:20
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lpottersage: lbt: I cannot seem to log into anymore. Would like to add some changes to sensorfw.23:19

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