Thursday, 2021-04-08

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ggabrieloh, somebody took over Tidings, nice :)08:00
x2s oh, great.10:48
* ggabriel checks bluetooth is off, and it's always off :P11:50
x2sit's not as bad as it sounds. But still.11:57
x2sThe first exploit is for Bluetooth 5 chips only11:57
ggabrielx2s: unless your hacker is mr robot, it would take a certain amount of effort, indeed12:22
x2suntil it is fully automated and some shares it...12:29
Thaodanggabriel that is already fixed14:43
ggabrielThaodan: what is fixed?14:44
Thaodanthat CVE linked above14:44
ggabrielwell, there are many CVE's in there. I know some have been fixed, but I don't use BT anyway, so I never worried :D14:46
Thaodanall related to bleeding tooth at leasy14:48
ggabriel-win 114:49
ggabrielah, soz14:49
dcalisteHello pvuorela, sorry to disturb you, may I have access to lipstick-jolla-home repository ? I would like to correct this bug report : I've found the culprit in lockscreen/LockScreen.qml. Or I just put the patch there ? What do you prefer ?15:30

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