Friday, 2021-04-09

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avemestrIs any devices with SailfishOS 4 available for purchase today?07:35
avemestrOr, is there devices available for purchase, where I can myself install SailfishOS 4?07:35
Nico[m]avemestr: Depending on your preferences there are a few officially supported devices and a few more community devices07:39
avemestrNico[m]: I think I was slightly confused, because jolla-devices seemed to sell Xperia 10 with SailfishOS 3. But it seems Xperia 10 would run SailfishOS 4 fine as well.07:40
Nico[m]Yeah, those can just be updated07:40
eagle35my experia 10 never shuts off after sailfishos407:41
eagle35i must press power and volume up untill 3 viprations07:41
avemestrThe new site with SailfishOS4 just seemed to new, that I didn't think it was an easy upgrade. It seemed like an entirely new product :-)07:42
Nico[m]No, SailfishOS is just a major update, which also drops support for the original Jolla phone (after 7 years)#07:43
Kabouik_Hey Mister_Magister, sorry I missed your ping some days ago. I don't think that I built nodejs for i486.10:41
Kabouik_I believe the only package I made for i486 is Havoc, which I did with OBS10:41
Mister_MagisterKabouik_: yeah i know you didn't but if you could share the .spec file i could build it for i486 and arm6411:23
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