Wednesday, 2021-04-28

Thaodan_You should not override the vendor globally only per project/package basis. So for middleware packages were you provide your own version it is ok to set the vendor to meego by using --define 'vendor meego' but not just globally for every package.00:22
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rinigusmorning! indeed, it should be either package or project based. replied in the forum as well, thank you for help!06:36
rinigusThaodan_: ^06:36
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rubdos[ma]Is there a way to have multiple repositories on OpenRepos, aside from making a second account?11:36
rubdos[ma]I've been thinking to make a rubdos-cd repository for pushing master-branch builds to11:37
mighty17Hello! Does minecraft work in sailfishos11:49
mighty17As there is no java11:49
mighty17But I found this but it's ancient11:50
mighty17* But I found this but it's not ancient11:52
rubdos[ma]Can't be too difficult to get Java running on SailfishOS, but having Java show a GUI on SailfishOS might be more involved :'-)12:29
mighty17<rubdos[ma] "Can't be too difficult to get Ja"> what is that LXC container that guy in video is using??12:32
rubdos[ma]Not sure, probably just a plain container with Java inside, and probably stealing some tricks from the Alien container for the GUI12:33
mighty17we can get another container that has java and supports gpu ?12:33
rubdos[ma]You probably can, but it's going to take effort :'-)12:34
mighty17someone has to do it ;)12:35
mighty17minecraft would be a decision maker for many ppl12:35
rubdos[ma]Ah look, XWayland, could've thought so12:35
rubdos[ma]it would?12:35
mighty17`According to, Linux kernel >= 3.8 is required` me running 3.0 kernel 😳12:36
rubdos[ma]Minecraft Android doesn't run on SailfishOS or something?12:36
rubdos[ma]or is that different?12:37
rubdos[ma]Last I heard, Signal was "the decision maker for many people", still working on that :'-)12:37
mighty17community portss dont have alien dalvik 🥲12:37
mighty17plus java (ie pc version) has way less bugs than android version12:37
rubdos[ma]Jolla is working on that! :D12:37
Nico[m]Not yet!12:37
mighty17<rubdos[ma] "Jolla is working on that! :D"> wait rly?!12:37
mighty17that would be fix to apps problem sfos has12:38
rubdos[ma]They announced that in the last community meeting12:38
Nico[m]But no ETA12:38
rubdos[ma]no ETA, and you'll have to buy it12:38
mighty17<Nico[m] "But no ETA"> yea yea wont get over excited12:38
mighty17<rubdos[ma] "no ETA, and you'll have to buy i"> :/ i will wait for anbox/sfdroid12:38
mighty17back to minecraft, no ideas?12:39
rubdos[ma]<mighty17 ":/ i will wait for anbox/sfdroid"> why?12:39
mighty17i wouldnt like to pay for it12:39
rubdos[ma]No, no idea's beyond "It's  possible and a load of work probably"12:39
rubdos[ma]Nobody likes to pay for things. It does help sustaining Jolla a bit though.12:40
mighty17<rubdos[ma] "No, no idea's beyond "It's  poss"> sadness :( i will have to dual boot to pmos or back to alpine for that12:41
mighty17<rubdos[ma] "Nobody likes to pay for things. "> i know but Jolla needs to earn somehow so i respect it, if android is already free i doubt ppl will pay for alien dalvik12:41
rinigusRuben De Smet: re openrepos repositories. not that I know of. also not sure we have API for pushing packages to it12:42
rubdos[ma]You make a lot of assumptions today.12:42
rubdos[ma]<rinigus "Ruben De Smet: re openrepos repo"> nobodyinperson has a fancy thing for that12:42
rubdos[ma]It's been slightly buggy for me, but he's responsive in trying to resolve it!12:42
rinigusfancy, indeed.12:43
rubdos[ma]Mister_Magister: you still in for "most weird errors on Harbour"?12:43
* rubdos[ma] uploaded an image: (32KiB) < >12:43
rubdos[ma]That's where it starts for me ^12:43
Nico[m]The invalid file name is because of the beta, iirc12:44
rubdos[ma]yeh, thought so too12:45
rubdos[ma]Didn't plan on submitting the beta's, so that's alright :-)12:45
Nico[m]It's not really weird, I get thay all the time and ignore it .-.12:45
* rubdos[ma] uploaded an image: (11KiB) < >12:46
rubdos[ma]That's resolvable too though.12:46
* Nico[m] < >12:48
Nico[m] Why do you use the web interface? :D12:48
rubdos[ma]I wat12:49
rubdos[ma]they have an API?12:49
Nico[m]If you use sfdk, you can just run sfdk check12:49
Nico[m]It runs most of the tests, I think12:50
Nico[m]The GUI also has that somewhere, iirc12:50
rubdos[ma]Ah you assume that Whisperfish can be built using standard tools already :D12:51
mighty17<Nico[m] "> <> > <@rub"> thats another point, if i have an android phone with ported sfos, ie i have already paid for play store license, why do i pay again :P13:11
mighty17plus apks should be free right?13:11
mighty17f droid or smth13:11
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Mister_Magistersomeone called me13:34
Mister_Magisterrinigus: hell ye13:34
Mister_Magisterdang wrong mention sorry rinigus13:34
Mister_Magisterdang i did it again13:34
Mister_Magisteri meant rubdos[ma]13:35
Mister_Magisterrubdos[ma]: thats entry level stuff13:35
Mister_Magisterrubdos[ma]: you can do rpm check on just rpm, you don't need standard tools to build it13:36
rubdos[ma]Right I recall that, Mister_Magister14:19
rubdos[ma]You happen to know the command?14:19
rubdos[ma]I might as well add that to the CI actually.14:20
rubdos[ma]`allow_failure: true` for now, but I better add it!14:20
Nico[m]Maybe `/usr/bin/`14:23
rubdos[ma]I can probably find it there indeed :-)14:24
Nico[m]I mean, that has docs on how to run it without the sfdk14:24
* rubdos[ma] is writing a bunch of mails, and will then take a look.14:38
rubdos[ma]<mighty17 "thats another point, if i have a"> You haven't paid for the play store license. Your smartphone vendor has paid for the play store license, and that allows your vendor to sell you a phone with play store enabled.14:39
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rubdos[ma]That's potato potato to us, but makes a HUGE difference.14:39
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mighty17<rubdos[ma] "You haven't paid for the play st"> And we have paid for the phones, still what about apks😉14:45
rubdos[ma]Google decides about those14:45
mighty17Eh so how is anbox free14:45
rubdos[ma]It's an android emulator14:46
rubdos[ma]whatever you write can be licensed whatever. What you do with it, that's something else :p14:47
mighty17Ooh kinda difficult to understand xD14:47
rubdos[ma]Yeh, and that's exactly what free software (as in GPL/GNU/OSI) is about: make it less difficult14:48
rubdos[ma]if you get the software, you have the rights that you imagine you'd have14:48
mighty17Exactly owning it completely14:48
rubdos[ma]No, that's not true :p14:48
mighty17Uhh I'm still confused14:49
rubdos[ma]GPL grants you a license (=the owner grants you certain rights) to do whatever you please with the software.14:50
rubdos[ma]except to claim that it's yours :p14:50
mighty17General Public License right14:50
mighty17<rubdos[ma] "except to claim that it's yours "> Yes ofc I worded it incorrectly it seems, I meant doing whatever I want14:51
mighty17But lack of apps in sfos is a bummer14:51
rubdos[ma]Have you discovered our lord and saviour "openrepos" yet, mighty17 ?14:53
mighty17Yes ofc that's how I use matrix on my sfos device :P14:54
mighty17Openrepos is rly cool14:55
mighty17But having expectations as android/normal linux doesn't help14:55
rubdos[ma]depends on what's meant by expectations :D14:56
rubdos[ma]My expectation with "Android" is "full of spyware"14:56
rubdos[ma]My expectation with "normal Linux" is a full fledged bash+package manager+GNU tools14:57
rubdos[ma]Again, you're making many assumptions today ;-)14:57
mighty17Atleast have normal apps and games working are my expectations :)14:57
Nico[m]My normal apps do work?14:58
rubdos[ma]Mine too!14:58
mighty17Like YouTube, (maybe Discord ik it doesn't like 3rd party clients) pls a better browser, some popular games like minecraft etc14:58
rubdos[ma]Although I miss e2ee in the Matrix clients :p14:58
mighty17<rubdos[ma] "Although I miss e2ee in the Matr"> Yeah same14:58
Nico[m]<rubdos[ma] "Although I miss e2ee in the Matr"> Awww, shut up ;p14:58
* rubdos[ma] slaps Nico with an encrypted trout.14:58
attahYouTube is too tied in to the google services crap14:59
Nico[m]Sorry, I couldn't decrypt your fish ;p14:59
rubdos[ma]Try my whisperfish nico! ;p14:59
rubdos[ma]Browser is getting better nowadays though, a lot better.14:59
mighty17<attah "YouTube is too tied in to the go"> But that's popular14:59
Nico[m]<rubdos[ma] "Try my whisperfish nico! ;p"> WHAAAAT? I CAAAN'T HEAR YOU!14:59
attahI use it all the time14:59
attahworks fine in the browser15:00
rubdos[ma]Yeh, YT in browser is kinda nice now too15:00
mighty17Browser is broken for me :(15:00
rubdos[ma]ESR 60 is like, usable and stuff!15:00
Nico[m]I still can't close some cookie popups, but tbh, I can't close them in a lot of browsers15:00
attahYeah, browser quality is way past good enough now15:00
rubdos[ma]Now, did someone already make a sdk-harbour-rpmvalidator docker image, or shall I lead that way?15:00
mighty17My device needs some rotation and touch hacks15:00
attahmighty17: using some community port?15:01
* Nico[m] uses the sfdk15:01
rubdos[ma]Yehyeh, your apps use the real SDK, I get it! :P15:01
mighty17 these hacks precisely15:01
mighty17<attah "mighty17: using some community p"> I made the port :D15:02
attahgood job!15:02
* rubdos[ma] uploaded an image: (5KiB) < >15:02
Nico[m]You just need to write the right rpm file and suddenly stuff works. And install some python stuff to be able to compile my app15:02
rubdos[ma]also, wtf is that^ :p15:02
attahbut the browser is borked?15:02
mighty17<attah "but the browser is borked?"> Exactly15:02
attahIs it using mesa mayhaps?15:02
mighty17Touch is borked in that15:02
mighty17Like device is in landscape but browser touch thinks it's potrait15:03
Nico[m]<rubdos[ma] "also, wtf is that^ :p"> Mushroom, Mushroom!15:03
attahso not the non-starter issues as with mainline ports then15:03
mighty17Other apps works fine only browser :(15:03
mighty17<attah "so not the non-starter issues as"> Haven't done a Mainline port yet still using 3.0 kernel :D15:03
Nico[m]I guess the batcherbatcherbatcher generates the webUI? :D15:04
rubdos[ma]No clue, but it's a funny file.15:04
Nico[m]"Don't judge me"15:04
Nico[m]It is also still in the state of the original commit!15:04
rubdos[ma]pretty impressive15:05
rubdos[ma]probably hasn't been used since 7 years oge!15:05
rubdos[ma]having lunch at 5pm is not good for me.15:05
mighty17<mighty17 ""> Touch matrix is rotated here, which somehow doesn't apply to browser15:05
rubdos[ma]And there we have the birth of ``.16:09
* rubdos[ma] uploaded an image: (55KiB) < >16:10
rubdos[ma](and of course validation failed, but meh ;p)16:10
Mister_Magisterthe less people give a damn about harbour the better apps we gonna get16:33
Mister_Magisterrubdos[ma]: if you want to join competition give us list of errors :P16:33
* rubdos[ma] < >16:34
rubdos[ma]Good that matrix has a built-in pastebin for you freenode folks, Mister_Magister  ;p16:35
Nico[m]I feel like having a lively harbour will actually be better for Sailfish .-.16:35
rubdos[ma]Yeh, I tend to agree with Nico on that16:35
Mister_Magisterfirst harbour would have to allow apps16:35
Mister_Magistercurrently it doesn't16:35
Nico[m]Wait, the irc bridge pastebins?16:35
* rubdos[ma] uploaded an image: (48KiB) < >16:35
rubdos[ma]everything over 6 lines or something16:36
Nico[m]That is neat!16:36
Mister_Magisterrubdos[ma]: you are on last position currently xd16:36
rubdos[ma]The IRC bridge is pretty awesome, except that it boots people every 30 days :p16:36
rubdos[ma]Mister_Magister: what's the criteria? :p16:36
Mister_Magister[14:43] <rubdos[ma]> Mister_Magister: you still in for "most weird errors on Harbour"?16:36
Mister_Magistermost, not least16:37
rubdos[ma]Ah, mine is worst then? :D16:37
Nico[m]I mean, "find not found" is weird .-.16:37
Mister_Magisteryep :P least errors16:37
rubdos[ma]> ERROR [/usr/bin/harbour-whisperfish] Binary does not link to __libc_start_main@GLIBC_2.4.16:37
rubdos[ma]I like that one16:37
rubdos[ma]> WARNING [/usr/bin/harbour-whisperfish] Binary does not export main() symbol - booster might fail16:38
rubdos[ma]OMG that's cool16:38
rubdos[ma] * >  WARNING [/usr/bin/harbour-whisperfish] Binary does not export main() symbol - booster might fail16:38
rubdos[ma]OMG that's cool16:38
Mister_Magisterits also the most unique errors so thats an inique one16:38
rubdos[ma]... I can't depend on openssl?!16:39
Nico[m]No, you totally can16:39
Nico[m]I do for example :316:39
rubdos[ma]But you remove it from depends? :p16:39
Mister_Magisteri'm like
Nico[m]Do I?
rubdos[ma]Actually, my docker image doesn't check everything. I'll rebuild it and rerun16:40
rubdos[ma]What do you do about linking to libQt5Widgets?16:41
Mister_MagisterNico[m]: you can remove comments :P16:41
Mister_Magisterrubdos[ma]: minitube stuff uses qtwidgets16:41
Mister_Magisterthe amount of not allowed qt imports is glorious16:42
rubdos[ma]Ah it's not a default thingy16:42
Nico[m]Probably, but it makes me think twice before I edit that file :D16:42
Mister_Magisterusing pkgconfig is normal16:43
rubdos[ma]I'm going to have so much fun getting it into harbour16:43
Mister_Magisterwhy bother16:44
Nico[m]<rubdos[ma] "I'm going to have *so much fun* "> I mean, some of that stuff sounds interesting to solve :D16:44
rubdos[ma]interesting for a few minutes, yeh16:44
Nico[m]You are writing a Sailfish app in Rust, you have to like it!16:45
attahdodging the validator is fun :)16:45
Mister_MagisterEver since jolla came out of their way to make apps page inside settings and then disallowed devs to add their stuff, since they made sharing menu and disallowed devs to use it, i don't bother till they fix their shit16:46
Mister_Magisterrubdos[ma]: you don't have to fix warnings tho16:46
Nico[m]Most of that stuff is disallowed, because the API is unstable. We could probably ask for a stable API :D16:46
* rubdos[ma] < >16:46
Mister_MagisterNico[m]: but its insanely stupid16:47
rubdos[ma]wtf is `/usr/lib/.build-id/b5/2bd470bc6d77ae94238aec64ab3b818d32b8b3` though.16:47
Nico[m]> Please do not hard code the path to any subfolders in /home/nemo or other home directories.16:47
attahMister_Magister: I'm sure they'd be happy for ideas on how to fix some of it16:47
Nico[m]I mean, that one makse sense16:47
Mister_Magisterattah: they don't need ideas how to fix it16:48
Mister_Magisterits plainly obvious16:48
attahbut the settings thing for example, it becomes a privilege trampoline - not easily solved16:48
Mister_Magisterattah: why add such page in first page16:49
Mister_Magisterbut wait there is more16:49
Mister_Magisternow they are exponating it in settings16:49
Mister_Magisterfor what reason if devs cant use it16:49
Mister_Magisterit gets more idiotic with every release16:49
attahhindsight is always 20:2016:49
Nico[m]Because they want devs to be able to use it16:49
Nico[m]They just haven't figured out how yet16:50
Mister_Magistergood joke16:50
attahcompletely agree with Nico[m]16:50
Mister_Magisteri don't16:50
Nico[m]Oh, common, stop being so negative all the time. That's no fun.16:50
Mister_Magisterfirst allow devs to use it16:50
Mister_Magisterthen bother with it16:50
Mister_Magisterspend time on something meaningful instead16:51
Mister_MagisterNico[m]: i'm being realistic16:51
Mister_Magisterafter 5 years i see whats being done and whats not being done16:51
attahso you want the privilege trampoline?16:51
Mister_Magisterinstead of working on allowing devs to use it they play with layout16:51
Nico[m]A lot of stuff seems to be written with the intention to be useable by developers. Otherwise the APIs wouldn't be as clean. But sometimes you run into blockers with such things and then focus on toher stuff16:51
Mister_Magisteryou missing the point16:52
Nico[m]No, you are looking for something to complain about16:52
Mister_Magisterwhy bother making it, why bother redesiging it (that one's better) if you don't allow devs to use it since beginning16:52
Mister_Magisterwhy spending time on redesign instead of working on allowing devs to use it16:53
Mister_Magisterim sure in 8 years you would get some idea16:53
Mister_Magistertake off pink glasses16:53
Nico[m]I am part of multiple ecosystems moving at that pace. There is not much out of the ordinary with Sailfish here16:54
Mister_Magisteraaand still missing the point16:54
Nico[m]Well, whatever16:54
* Nico[m] goes back to work on his apps16:55
* Mister_Magister goes back to work at work16:55
* rubdos[ma] uploaded an image: (54KiB) < >17:16
rubdos[ma]By any chance, Nico, an idea on how to get rid of the nemo- ones?17:16
Nico[m]I don't think I need those :D17:16
Nico[m]> BuildRequires:  pkgconfig(nemonotifications-qt5)17:16
rubdos[ma]Oh they just seem to exist, you have nemonotifications-qt5 which obviously replaces nemo-qml-plugin-notifications-qt517:17
Nico[m]The configuration one is for config pages in settings?17:17
rubdos[ma]I actually don't recall; let me git blame it.17:18
rubdos[ma]"Reorganised rpm-spec" july 201917:19
rubdos[ma]oh god.17:19
rubdos[ma]with a bit of luck, I can yeet it out17:19
rubdos[ma]Of course, "BuildRequires" assumes that you're a normal person with a normal SDK.17:27

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