Thursday, 2021-04-29

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rubdos[ma]Nice, Gitlab CI for rpm validation09:35
Nico[m]Doesn't seem to work, everything is red!09:36
rubdos[ma]It's not validated, but it is run :p09:36
Nico[m]Also, you should fix your icons09:36
Nico[m]Why do you need widgets?09:37
rubdos[ma]shhhhhHhhHhhH :P09:38
rubdos[ma]I dunno09:38
rubdos[ma]I've only added the validator to CI :p09:38
rubdos[ma]I'm only concerned about the RPM name atm09:38
rubdos[ma]because that's something that stays in the CI...09:38
rubdos[ma]At this point, I'm going to get rid of as many errors as humanly possibly already, and then move on to refactoring a bunch of stuff09:39
rubdos[ma]It's at least a starting point towards getting on Harbour some day09:40
Nico[m]Set the course correctly, to eventually enter the harbour? .-.09:41
Nico[m]You need to work on your fishy language09:41
rubdos[ma]Hey I've got a fish on my Signal profile09:42
rubdos[ma]The other Whisperfish plebs don't have a Signal emoji!09:42

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