Friday, 2021-04-30

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techgeeksterHi everyone! I was trying to build a project in the QT Creator (installed by Sailfish SDK) and it always fails. . Does someone knows why qmake is reacting like this?09:54
Nico[m]It looks like your development kit is misconfigured?09:56
techgeeksterHmm. So should I re-install it?09:57
Nico[m]How did you install it? Which buildengine did you select?09:58
techgeeksterI went there and downloaded the Linux .run file10:02
Nico[m]Did you select docker or virtualbox for the build backend?10:03
Nico[m]Does your system use systemd?10:04
techgeeksterYes it does. It is Debian based10:07
Nico[m]Okay, then I have no idea. You can try restarting the docker service first, otherwise I would try to reinstall10:08
techgeeksterOkk, Thank you.10:08
Nico[m]If it still doesn't work then, the virtualbox engine is potentially more stable10:10
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alexmakuraWould anyone know if there is a roadmap for the release of the OS for the new Xperia 10 II?16:12
Nico[m]Roadmap in what sense? Just a release date?16:13
alexmakuraWell a roadmap would be a more Developer oriented to see if the tasks are being met. As website is showing (coming soon) ideally some notion of timeline would be appreciated.16:14
Nico[m]I would expect it to come out around the next update, but we usually don't get dates for those. I'm guessing some time next month based on the translation announcements, but updates usually just get released, when they pass internal checks.16:15
Nico[m]Which is why Jolla stopped providing timelines16:16
alexmakuraOk, I suppose it saves them the hustle of explaining if dates changes. Appreciate your input nico! Cheers16:17
Nico[m]No worries, maybe someone can actually name a date, but I don't know of one :316:18
attah4.1 EA was "April", and 10II is getting that version... and it would definitely benefit from being in EA... but stuff happens16:22
attahand now things seems to have settled down a bit in the repos i follow, so shouldn't be long :)16:23
Mister_MagisterWho likes pancakes22:36
Mister_MagisterI like pancakes22:36
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