Saturday, 2021-05-01

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mighty17Pancakes with maple syrup?05:14
Ingvixwhat is that dissonant chord alarm-ish sound I hear my phone make sometimes?08:12
Ingvixthere's no notification of anything when I go look at it after hearing it08:13
Ingvixwait a minute. It might not be my phone after all08:13
IngvixI'm not quite sure. Does this sound like a thing on sfos?08:16
Nico[m]You can go throught the sound settings and check, if there is such a sound?08:23
Ingvixbut can I trust those to be the only noises my phone makes, hmm?08:31
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attahA while back some Android notifications mapped to the alarm ringtone, with no options to change or silence it08:47
attahBut i assume that got fixed...08:48
olIngvix (IRC): Does it sound like a little gong? I have this sound after upgrading to Sailfish OS 4 every time I connect the phone to external power. Not immediately, few minutes after.13:08
olI've created a topic at Sailfish OS forum for this issue:
Ingvixol, I guess sort of? Though it's clearly dissonant sound with at least 2 notes14:44
Ingvixand yeah, it would appear it's happening when charging14:45
Ingvixseems like it'd be the same thing. So I'm not crazy, nice14:48

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