Sunday, 2021-05-02

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* rubdos[ma] uploaded an image: (40KiB) < >08:44
rubdos[ma]Are we seriously doing MD5 hashes?08:44
rubdos[ma]Is there any way to have `sailfish-os-build-engine` not use port 8080?09:45
Thaodanrubdos[ma]: whats your issue exactly?10:59
andrnilsI just got my hands on a Xperia 10ii, can't wait to get sailfish on it11:08
andrnilsAny more info on when it will be made available?11:08
rubdos[ma]<Thaodan "Ruben De Smet: whats your issue "> My system listens on because of Unifi11:16
rubdos[ma]sfdk wants 8080 too11:16
ThaodanReport that in the forum. Thanks for reporting that, I will forward.11:16
x2sbtw: Are there any smaller sized phones sfos will some day run on? The X is the max size I want a phone to be for me. But it seems the tendency is "bigger is better"11:26
Nico[m]The 10 is not that big, it isn't wider than the X, it is just a bit longer11:28
Mister_Magisterrubdos[ma]: arey you hosting unifi controller on your pc?11:41
x2sNico[m]: the "longer" is the problem. My pockets aren't that deep :D11:55
Nico[m]Will 1cm really cause issues?11:56
x2sand to comfortably sit with the X in my front pocket I have to move it sideways11:56
x2syeah, the X barely fits sideways ;)11:56
Nico[m]You have your phone sideways in your pocket? o.o11:57
andrnilsI think the 10ii is a much nicer size than the 1ii11:58
rubdos[ma]<Mister_Magister "Ruben De Smet: arey you hosting "> Rather, I want to build on my server :p12:00
x2sNico[m]: when I have to sit with it in my front pocket yes12:02
x2sbecause it is too long already and is pressed into my hip12:03
x2swith the N9 I didn't have that problem12:03
Nico[m]The last phone that fit sideways for me was a Nokia. And I have an X compact atm :D12:03
x2soh, the compact looks like a nice size.12:04
x2ssame hardware as the regular X?12:06
Nico[m]Mostly, less pixels12:07
x2sDoes it run the official image or is it a community port?12:09
Nico[m]It runs a patched official image:
x2sinteresting stuff12:12
Mister_Magisterrubdos[ma]: but why would be taken by unifi?12:17
rubdos[ma]For /inform12:18
rubdos[ma]they abuse ports like they own them12:18
Mister_Magisteryeah but your unifi controller would have to be running on your pc12:18
Mister_Magisterin order to take that port12:18
Mister_Magistermy unifi controller is on server and sfossdk is on pc and there's no problem12:19
rubdos[ma]I want to run the sdk on my server12:22
rubdos[ma]Because that thing has 12 cores and 4GHz and my PC has 2 cores and 2Ghz12:22
andrnilswhat OS are you running on your server?12:25
andrnilswith such a powerfull machine you could run either the unifi controller or sfdk in a vm12:26
Mister_Magisterrubdos[ma]: oof12:27
Mister_Magisteryour server sounds like my pc and your pc like my server xd12:27
Mister_Magisterrubdos[ma]: why don't you run sdk in vm?12:27
Nico[m]Alternatively you could use the sailfish-sdk docker containers by coderus to run your builds. Then you need no port12:28
Mister_Magisterlike, if you picked sfossdk install with docker/vbox you can prably change port in port forward config12:28
Mister_Magisterthen you can change it to any port you want12:28
Mister_Magisterandrnils: says same thing as i12:29
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rubdos[ma]<andrnils "what OS are you running on your "> Fedora 3312:53
rubdos[ma]I could run it in a vm, but then I'd have to install a hypervisor12:53
rubdos[ma]I have docker running on it, and sfdk runs in docker... so I fail to see why tf it would need 8080 :12:54
rubdos[ma] * I have docker running on it, and sfdk runs in docker... so I fail to see why tf it would need 8080 :p12:54
andrnilsi'm not much of a docker guy, but as far as I know you can run docker with a few different network configurations, maybe you could see if you could change it to separate network instead of shared or what the terminology in docker12:57
rubdos[ma]Yeh, the default sfdk image tries to expose itself on, but I fear that I have to change the sdk installer to change it :/13:03
Mister_Magisterrubdos[ma]: docker image has port forwarding right? forward it to something else than *:808014:34
rubdos[ma]Thing is, it's not me setting up the docker image. I would've hoped that I could `sfdk --please-don't-use-8080-use-this-instead=8088` and get it over with15:30

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