Monday, 2021-05-03

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ViGerubdos[ma]: You can change the port in Qt Creator: Tools->Options->Sailfish OS->Build Engine->Web port04:35
mighty17hello, i come again from dependency issues :D05:05
mighty17soo i am trying to get to build on sfos05:05
mighty17`Checking for 'libudev'                   : not found ` and this happens05:05
mighty17` ERROR: Dependency "libudev" not found, tried pkgconfig and cmake` sadness05:09
mighty17nvm fixed it with `zypper install systemd-devel` (`rpm -q --whatprovides NAME` is rly helpful)05:15
mighty17how can i know if my device uses x11 or wayland or drm?05:27
rubdos[ma]<ViGe "Ruben De Smet: You can change th"> I tried changing that in the config file (it's a headless machine), but that didn't seem to impact the Docker container.06:53
ViGerubdos[ma]: That's right, just changing the config file is not enough. Perhaps you could use `ssh -X` in order to run the Qt Creator that one time? Unfortunately, we have not implemented changing that config in sfdk yet.06:55
rubdos[ma]I'll get something X configured on my laptop then; running wayland locally and X forwarding is always a bit weird :'-)06:56
ViGeWell, actually I should have said: Unfortunately, we have not gotten rid of the useless web server yet.06:56
rubdos[ma]Good to know that I can change the port via QtCreator though, thanks a lot for that!06:57
rubdos[ma]Currently working in the platform sdk (trying to get Rust 1.51 to become an RPM), after that I'll try QtCreator. Thanks again!06:57
rubdos[ma]Thaodan: do you have a link to the xulrunner spec? Can't really seem to find it. Is it in the sailfishos namespace on GH?09:13
rubdos[ma]Aha, hidden away here: :-)09:19
ThaodanYou have to update the rust in the platform and tooling etc09:28
Thaodanalso watch for the patches applied09:29
Thaodandid building your app work in the platform sdk?09:31
AjollaXA2Hello, long time ago I purchased a license for Xperia XA2 Plus - Dual Sim and got a payment/purchase code through email. My WiFi and Bluetooth didn't work at all so I didn't use that phone with SailfishOS.10:24
AjollaXA2Until yesterday when I got inspired to try again. I installed the free SailfishOS (a newer version also) and now it works. However, no Android, although I paid for that.10:25
AjollaXA2How can I install Android vm again without double paying?10:25
Nico[m]Just download the image again from the store and flash that.10:54
AjollaXA2I have no idea how to do that. I can only download a free version (without Android) or buy a new license in the store.10:58
AjollaXA2Those are the only 2 options I can see in the jolla store.10:59
ThaodanYou can just install ad through the store if you want.11:00
Nico[m]You don't have download images listed under dowloads in your account?11:01
AjollaXA2What do you mean 'just install ad through the store'? That won't give me Android App Support, unless I buy a new license.11:02
AjollaXA2How am I wrong?11:02
Nico[m]If your device is licensed, you can install android support from the store. Otherwise you won't even get the option11:02
AjollaXA2Nico[m]: I'll look.11:02
ThaodanJust what Nico[m] said, I guessed you bought the license11:03
rubdos[ma]<Thaodan "did building your app work in th"> Yes, but not how you think I do it.11:04
rubdos[ma]Whisperfish is built by installing rustup on top of the platform sdk and setting a lot of compile flags11:04
ThaodanThen first use the existing rust without updating.11:04
rubdos[ma]Not recent enough11:04
rubdos[ma]Tokio 1.0 requires 1.4811:04
Nico[m]Ah, yes, the usual "only works with latest rust". That's why I don't use the language :D11:05
Thaodanoh meh11:05
rubdos[ma]1.48 is a year old11:05
ThaodanNico[m]: It is backwards when it comes to shared libs too11:05
Nico[m]Oh, I thought it was 4 months old or so11:06
ThaodanA year is old quite recent for a compiler11:06
rubdos[ma]But we don't have to argue about that. I admit it's a problem, but it's not mine to solve. My problem is: I can't build the 1.44 one that Jolla provides us.11:06
Nico[m]I still can't compile bitwarden_rs on stable11:06
rubdos[ma]I want to be able to build it11:06
ThaodanBut thats ok11:06
rubdos[ma]From there, I'll probably figure it out.11:06
Nico[m]Are you trying to upgrade the rust rpm?11:06
rubdos[ma]I may later, if I actually get to build the rpm11:07
rubdos[ma]I'm trying to rpmbuild the thing11:07
rubdos[ma]they provide rust.spec, I want to build rust.rpm, and I've tried in several different environments. Apparently Jolla builds it on OBS, but I don't have an account there and frankly, it should build locally too.11:07
rubdos[ma]Technically speaking, I got Rust to build. But it won't link, because `/opt/cross` is only a thing on sb2, but sb2 doesn't like Rust.11:08
ThaodanWhat did not work? you should be able to build i.t11:16
Thaodanplease provide logs and so on11:16
rubdos[ma]Will post them on GH11:18
ViGeThaodan: There's always a difference between what should work and what actually works ;)11:32
rubdos[ma] Thaodan12:12
ThaodanDon't post logs into pugs, use log files12:13
rubdos[ma]I'll recall for next time.12:13
Thaodanpipe some random code from the net and you will be fine lol13:36
AjollaXA2Nico[m] Thaodan After contacting zendesk support it now works. Thanks.13:40
Nico[m]Great, thank you for the heads up!13:42
AjollaXA2Welcome, over & out. :)13:42
rubdos[ma]Thaodan: sadly that's what I do now. Coderus platform docker image + rustup -> build in that docker image.13:46
Thaodanrubdos[ma]: That was a comment on such practices, I'm replicated what you did.13:49
ThaodanI'm current there + python3 ./ build13:49
Thaodanrunning: /BUILD/rust-1.44.0-i686-unknown-linux-gnu/usr/bin/cargo build --manifest-path /rustc-1.44.0-src/src/bootstrap/Cargo.toml --verbose --frozen13:49
rubdos[ma]good luck13:49
rubdos[ma]Thanks for trying!13:50
rubdos[ma]Is that with the `ln -s` for /opt/cross already? Not that that's a "good" solution13:50
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piggzThaodan: i didnt write libwatchfish, just forked it ;)22:08
Thaodanpiggz: np just saying since I just tried to build it against devel and fixed a bug in mkcal22:08
Thaodan%define sailfish_major %(grep VERSION_ID /etc/sailfish-release |cut -d = -f 2|cut -d . -f 1) why -.-22:09
ThaodanI hate it22:09
piggzThaodan: PRs accepted to fixup libwatchfish .... it could do with some implemtations for non-sailfish too22:09
piggzblame vige22:10
Thaodangreat that what posted was in amazfishj22:10
piggzbecuase you dropped/changed the calendar libraries between versions of the OS22:10
ThaodanI understand it is just dirty to do such stuff and expect something to be installed that is not in the dependencies and use it before %prepare22:11
piggzalso, if you can think of another way, ill be able to build on OBS again, becuase that breaks OBS22:11
ThaodanYou can drop that see my commit in mkcal22:14
Thaodandoes kf5-calendarcore exist in 3.4?22:14
Thaodanpiggz: you could basically do what ViGe did here just in the spec file:
Thaodanplease test with older targets also22:58
ThaodanWhy do you depend on icu explicitly?22:59

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