Thursday, 2021-05-06

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ahappyhumanSay I'd like to play audio directly using pulseaudio (no Qt involved), how would I make my application follow the system media volume? I've set the pulse audio media role of my application to "game", but it still plays at maximum volume.14:30
ahappyhumanI'd like to patch the SDL library to support this. I tried reading documentation on including the examples and source code of projects on there, but I don't know what I should exactly do.14:33
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ahappyhumanI'm stupid. I need to set the pulseaudio media role to "x-maemo" and then it works. Something, somewhere is setting the media role to "game" by default, which breaks something somewhere.14:45
attahflypig: Thanks for the kind mention, especially since your Scintillon is more feature complete17:42
attah...and i'm afraid i cheated myself on the list; all i did was upload the aarch64 build, no actual features since a long time17:43
olIs anyone here who understands how Alien Dalvik mounts directories inside its container?18:29
olFor some reason, my banking app started looking for its files in "/storage/sailfishos_storage/Android". I see that "/storage/sailfishos_storage" has the same contents as "/home/nemo" outside of container (so it can be a bind mount), whereas banking app's files are actually in "/home/nemo/android_storage/Android".18:29
olWhere does my banking app take "/storage/sailfishos_storage" path from? Is there some configuration option inside Alien Dalvik?18:34
olAlso, I don't understand how "/storage" is populated inside the container. I found nothing in config files in "/var/lib/lxc/aliendalvik".18:35
ol"/opt/alien/system.img" squashfs image has "/storage" directory, but it's empty.18:36
olThe only file containing "sailfishos_storage" string inside squashfs image is "/system/bin/vold". But this is a binary executable files, so it's unclear how it uses this string.18:42
malol: so what exactly is the problem? it's not seeing something or what?20:32
olmal (IRC): It shows splash screen and then hangs showing white screen.20:33
maldid it work before in some earlier version?20:34
malol: if you want to check what the logcat of android app support says you can use "lxc-attach -n aliendalvik -- /system/bin/logcat"20:35
olYes, it did. Few days ago an update was released. After that update it started chashing. Today another update was released. After this update it started hanging with white screen.20:35
olmal (IRC): This is exactly what I did. And this is the reason of my questions.20:35
malyou mean new version of the app?20:35
olI started looking at logs and this is what I found:20:37
ol05-06 19:17:13.629     7     7 E cutils  : Failed to mkdirat(/storage/sailfishos_storage/Android): Read-only file system20:37
ol05-06 19:17:13.630  6931  6931 W ContextImpl: Failed to ensure /storage/sailfishos_storage/Android/data/com.bankofireland.mobilebanking/files: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Failed to prepare /storage/sailfishos_storage/Android/data/com.bankofireland.mobilebanking/files/: android.os.ServiceSpecificException:  (code -30)20:37
olCode -30 is EROFS.20:38
olThat makes me wonder why it tries to access "/storage/sailfishos_storage/Android". Where can it get this path from?20:38
malol: the mounting is done in /usr/sbin/ but there is matching path in the container side20:45
olmal (IRC): I've thoroughly studied "/var/lib/lxc/aliendalvik/bsp_config" file generated by this script, but found that "/home/nemo" is munted to "/mnt/media_rw/sailfishos_storage" inside the container. Also, I found "/init.rc" file inside squashfs image and found that it mounts "/mnt/runtime/default" to "/storage". It's still unclear to me how "/mnt/media_rw/sailfishos_storage" gets mapped into "/mnt/runtime/default/sailfishos_storage". The later directory is20:51
olmounted as FUSE filesystem.20:51
olBut I don't think that if I find out how all directories are mounted inside Alien Dalvik container I can solve the problem.20:52
olThe question still remains: why the banking app even tries to access "/storage/sailfishos_storage/Android"? Where is the config it takes this path from?20:52
olI'm pretty sure that this app is absolutely unaware about Sailfish OS and Alien Dalvik, so the path containg "sailfishos_storage" can't be hardcoded into this app.20:53
malafaik that is what is told to android side to use as the internal storage20:54
olHow is it told? And why all other apps still work (and even this app was working before its update)?20:54
malol: do you see the old app data anywhere?21:09
mallook for the things mentioned in the error message21:09
olmal (IRC): I can find app-specific directory in the following places *outside* of Alien Dalvik container:21:12
ol* /home/.android/data/data21:12
ol* /home/nemo/android_storage/Android/data21:12
olAnd they are not the same.21:13
malare there any other messages later in logcat?21:13
malfrom that app21:13
olAlso, the last directory can be seen as "/sdcard/Android/data" inside the container.21:14
malplease check logs for more messages21:15
malit could be that is falls back to other location and the real error is something else21:16
olThere are many of them. How can I tell messages caused by this app from other noise?21:16
malshow all, unless there is some information there you don't want to show, then you can email me the log21:17
olmal (IRC): What's your email?21:19

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