Friday, 2021-05-07

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piggzrinigus: hmm, tbuilder isnt rebuilding amazfish ... i deleted the rpm from a target, and no build, but logs suggest its all ok10:12
piggzi changed the src/ from an actual checkout, to a symlink to my project source, is that ok?10:13
riniguspiggz: it is OK to change the source. it is not tracking RPMs as such, but .spec and provided symbols from other packages. so, to rebuild, just `touch spec/amazfish.spec`10:16
rinigusand run tbuilder again10:16
riniguspiggz: also, you don't have to delete old RPMS, it should delete them itself when the new ones are available10:19
piggzrinigus: ok, so, even if source changes, still need to touch the spec?10:19
rinigusyes, unless you changed the spec10:20
riniguspiggz: it generates Makefile and has spec + symbols provided by local buildrequires as dependencies. source itself would be a bit too much scanning, I guess10:20
piggzrinigus: add cmdline option to force build?10:22
riniguspiggz: force build of which package? then it is as easy to touch it :)10:22
piggzk :)10:22
rinigusassuming you have a project with 10+ packages10:23
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