Monday, 2021-05-17

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tensorSSHello... just installed sailfish to my xperia 10 II ... just wondering why is the aliendalvik is givin me: systemctl start aliendalvik.service09:22
tensorSSFailed to start aliendalvik.service: Unit aliendalvik.service not found. There09:22
tensorSSthere's no option to install alien dalvik in the jolla store.. is that because it an trial version of the software?09:23
tensorSSok... so I need to wait for the official version to get dalvik support?09:55
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rubdos[ma]<ViGe "Ruben De Smet: You can change th"> This doesn't seem to affect the Docker engine though.14:48
rubdos[ma]Sorry for picking back on something so long after date :'-)14:48

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