Sunday, 2021-06-20

poetastergit is for gits and twitter for twits (ducks).09:24
schmutzfingerhi all, i have my phone stuck in the recovery image, new telnet attempts are blocked because it claims i entered the unlock code wrong ... power button does not seem to turn off, how to get it back with the buttons? or do i need for battery drain?10:58
Martijn[m]Did you try holding the volume down button and then pressing and holding the power button?10:59
Martijn[m]Or was it the volume up button 🤔..?10:59
schmutzfinger@Martijn[m] that did the trick it seem, phone now booting into normal mode, thanks!11:01
EA3ICNHi! Does anyone else have issues with the fingerprint scanner on the Xperia 10 II? Most of the time, it doesn't recognise it or it simply doesn't do anything12:39
attahEA3ICN: yes, it has been reported on the forum14:05
attahSomehow the fingerprint daemon gets out of sync with (or gives up on) the hardware14:06
attahRun this a few times and it will come back : devel-su systemctl restart sailfish-fpd14:07
EA3ICNOhh okay! Do I have to run it each time it stops working or if I run it once the problem should be fixed for a good while?14:51
attahEA3ICN: those two are not mutually exclusive, so yes to both14:59
attahSometimes i get an hour, sometimes a day, sometimes a week14:59

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